Commit 6a7db380 authored by Peter Maatman's avatar Peter Maatman
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gui: Remove FIXME that referred to a closed MR

The FIXME that is removed in this patch linked to an issue, which has
a linked MR that has been closed for over a year.
parent bd1e8b6b
......@@ -581,15 +581,6 @@ ide_application_has_network (IdeApplication *self)
self->has_network = g_network_monitor_get_network_available (self->network_monitor);
* FIXME: Ignore the network portal initially for now.
* See for more
* information about when this is fixed.
if (!self->has_network && ide_is_flatpak ())
self->has_network = TRUE;
return self->has_network;
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