Commit 67d09d48 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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file: improve fallback path creation

This ensures we get the same path when the file is in the project, as
other code paths would use to create the relative path.
parent 80a36415
......@@ -220,9 +220,23 @@ ide_file_get_path (IdeFile *self)
if (g_once_init_enter (&self->path))
gchar *path;
IdeContext *context;
gchar *path = NULL;
context = ide_object_get_context (IDE_OBJECT (self));
if (context != NULL)
IdeVcs *vcs = ide_context_get_vcs (context);
GFile *workdir = ide_vcs_get_working_directory (vcs);
if (g_file_has_prefix (self->file, workdir))
path = g_file_get_relative_path (workdir, self->file);
if (path == NULL)
path = g_file_get_path (self->file);
path = g_file_get_path (self->file);
g_once_init_leave (&self->path, path);
......@@ -567,8 +581,8 @@ ide_file_find_other_worker (GTask *task,
const gchar **target = NULL;
g_autofree gchar *prefix = NULL;
g_autofree gchar *uri = NULL;
gsize i;
g_assert (G_IS_TASK (task));
g_assert (IDE_IS_FILE (self));
g_assert (!cancellable || G_IS_CANCELLABLE (cancellable));
......@@ -593,7 +607,7 @@ ide_file_find_other_worker (GTask *task,
prefix = g_strndup (uri, strrchr (uri, '.') - uri);
for (i = 0; target [i]; i++)
for (guint i = 0; target [i]; i++)
g_autofree gchar *new_uri = NULL;
g_autoptr(GFile) gfile = NULL;
......@@ -603,23 +617,12 @@ ide_file_find_other_worker (GTask *task,
if (g_file_query_exists (gfile, cancellable))
g_autofree gchar *path = NULL;
IdeContext *context;
IdeVcs *vcs;
IdeFile *ret;
GFile *workdir;
context = ide_object_get_context (IDE_OBJECT (self));
vcs = ide_context_get_vcs (context);
workdir = ide_vcs_get_working_directory (vcs);
path = g_file_get_relative_path (workdir, gfile);
ret = g_object_new (IDE_TYPE_FILE,
"context", context,
"path", path,
"file", gfile,
g_task_return_pointer (task, ret, g_object_unref);
IdeContext *context = ide_object_get_context (IDE_OBJECT (self));
g_task_return_pointer (task,
ide_file_new (context, gfile),
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