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task: improve section documentation

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......@@ -44,16 +44,10 @@
* to avoid doing duplicate work by instead simply chaining the tasks.
* There are some costs to this design. It uses the main context a bit
* more than #GTask may use it. Also, an equivalent to
* g_task_get_source_object() cannot be provided because we do not control
* the exact lifecycle of that object. g_async_result_get_source_object()
* may be used which provides a full reference instead of a borrowed
* reference.
* more than #GTask may use it.
* #IdeTask uses it's own #GThreadPool, however the threads are not exclusive
* to increase the chances of thread sharing with other pools.
* The number of threads in the pool is equivalent to N_CPU*2+1.
* #IdeTask allows setting a task kind which determines which thread pool
* the task will be executed (and throttled) on.
* Because #IdeTask needs more control over result life-cycles (for chaining
* results), additional return methods have been provided. Consumers should
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