Commit 59e1a00e authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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buffers: remove trailing ".in" when guessing language

When guessing the language from GtkSourceView, we can remove the trailing
.in so that we are more likely to get the proper language type. This is
useful because rarely are people simply caring about the template expansion
and more interested in the underlying language syntax.

Fixes #681
parent dc7659a1
......@@ -456,9 +456,11 @@ ide_buffer_manager_load_file__load_cb (GObject *object,
g_autoptr(IdeTask) task = user_data;
g_autofree gchar *guess_contents = NULL;
g_autofree gchar *content_type = NULL;
g_autofree gchar *truncated = NULL;
GtkSourceFileLoader *loader = (GtkSourceFileLoader *)object;
IdeBufferManager *self;
const gchar *path;
const gchar *dot;
IdeContext *context;
LoadState *state;
GtkTextIter iter;
......@@ -540,8 +542,15 @@ ide_buffer_manager_load_file__load_cb (GObject *object,
gtk_text_iter_forward_chars (&end, 1024);
guess_contents = gtk_text_iter_get_slice (&iter, &end);
path = ide_file_get_path (state->file);
content_type = g_content_type_guess (path, (const guchar *)guess_contents,
strlen (guess_contents), &uncertain);
/* Remove the ".in" suffix for files that are expanded at build time. */
if ((dot = strrchr (path, '.')))
path = truncated = g_strndup (path, dot - path);
content_type = g_content_type_guess (path,
(const guchar *)guess_contents,
strlen (guess_contents),
if (content_type && !uncertain)
_ide_file_set_content_type (state->file, content_type);
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