Commit 555fe182 authored by Günther Wagner's avatar Günther Wagner

fixed leaks and stick to format

parent 712b8070
Pipeline #193250 passed with stage
in 36 minutes and 51 seconds
......@@ -114,7 +114,8 @@ rust_analyzer_service_get_current_file (RustAnalyzerService *self)
surface = ide_workspace_get_surface_by_name (workspace, "editor");
page = ide_editor_surface_get_active_page (IDE_EDITOR_SURFACE (surface));
if (!IDE_IS_EDITOR_PAGE (page)) return NULL;
if (!IDE_IS_EDITOR_PAGE (page))
return NULL;
IDE_RETURN (g_object_ref (ide_editor_page_get_file (IDE_EDITOR_PAGE (page))));
......@@ -155,16 +156,20 @@ rust_analyzer_service_determine_workdir (RustAnalyzerService *self)
g_autoptr(GFile) parent = NULL;
current_file = rust_analyzer_service_get_current_file (self);
if (current_file == NULL) goto end;
if (current_file == NULL)
goto end;
parent = g_file_get_parent (current_file);
while (!g_file_equal (workdir, parent))
GFile *prev_parent = NULL;
if (rust_analyzer_service_search_cargo_root (self, parent))
return g_steal_pointer (&parent);
prev_parent = parent;
parent = g_file_get_parent (parent);
g_object_unref (prev_parent);
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