Commit 547c915a authored by Günther Wagner's avatar Günther Wagner

fix notification subtitle

parent 944e4ecc
Pipeline #180511 passed with stage
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......@@ -777,14 +777,14 @@ ide_lsp_client_real_notification (IdeLspClient *self,
ide_notification_set_has_progress (notification, TRUE);
ide_notification_set_progress_is_imprecise (notification, TRUE);
ide_notification_set_title (notification, title);
ide_notification_set_urgent (notification, TRUE);
ide_notification_set_body (notification, message != NULL ? message : title);
ide_notification_attach (notification, IDE_OBJECT (context));
notification = ide_notifications_find_by_id (notifications, token);
if (message != NULL && notification != NULL)
ide_notification_set_title (notification, message);
ide_notification_set_body (notification, message);
if (ide_str_equal0 (kind, "end") && notification != NULL)
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