Commit 538d0c15 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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pipeline: disconnect ready tracking after setup

We can't really handle a single pipeline tracking load/unload/load, so
just disconnect our unload tracking after we have connected.

Instead, we rely on the build manager to reset the pipeline when the
configuration changes.
parent 01bade47
......@@ -984,10 +984,20 @@ ide_build_pipeline_notify_ready (IdeBuildPipeline *self,
g_assert (IDE_IS_BUILD_PIPELINE (self));
g_assert (IDE_IS_CONFIGURATION (configuration));
* If we're being realistic, we can only really setup the build pipeline one
* time, once the configuration is ready. So cancel all tracking after that
* so that and just rely on the build manager to create a new pipeline when
* the active configuration changes.
if (ide_configuration_get_ready (configuration))
ide_build_pipeline_load (self);
ide_build_pipeline_unload (self);
ide_build_pipeline_load (self);
g_signal_handlers_disconnect_by_func (configuration,
G_CALLBACK (ide_build_pipeline_notify_ready),
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