Commit 4a58afdc authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

debuggerui: feed text into the terminal when running commands

parent 8c17dd58
......@@ -99,17 +99,32 @@ ide_debugger_log_view_set_property (GObject *object,
static void
on_entry_activate_cb (GObject *source,
GAsyncResult *res,
GAsyncResult *result,
gpointer user_data)
IdeDebugger *debugger = (IdeDebugger *)source;
g_autoptr(IdeDebuggerLogView) self = user_data;
g_autoptr(GError) error = NULL;
g_return_if_fail (IDE_IS_DEBUGGER_LOG_VIEW (self));
g_return_if_fail (IDE_IS_TASK (res));
g_assert (IDE_IS_DEBUGGER (debugger));
g_assert (G_IS_ASYNC_RESULT (result));
g_assert (IDE_IS_DEBUGGER_LOG_VIEW (self));
gtk_entry_set_text (self->commandentry, "");
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GTK_WIDGET (self->commandentry), TRUE);
gtk_widget_grab_focus (GTK_WIDGET (self->commandentry));
if (!ide_debugger_interpret_finish (debugger, result, &error))
vte_terminal_feed (VTE_TERMINAL (self->terminal),
strlen (error->message));
vte_terminal_feed (VTE_TERMINAL (self->terminal), "\r\n", 2);
static void
......@@ -125,6 +140,10 @@ on_entry_activate (IdeDebuggerLogView *self,
if (ide_str_empty0 (text))
vte_terminal_feed (VTE_TERMINAL (self->terminal), "> ", 2);
vte_terminal_feed (VTE_TERMINAL (self->terminal), text, strlen (text));
vte_terminal_feed (VTE_TERMINAL (self->terminal), "\r\n", 2);
if (self->debugger != NULL)
gtk_widget_set_sensitive (GTK_WIDGET (self->commandentry), FALSE);
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