Commit 44ebfd3f authored by Matthew Leeds's avatar Matthew Leeds
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pipeline: clear env of build subprocesses

Allowing the build processes to inherit environment variables from the
Builder process can result in undesired behavior. For example if Builder
was run via "make run" LSAN_OPTIONS will be set, which causes an error
if the project is compiled with -fsanitize=address in CFLAGS.
parent 5a90c0c3
......@@ -1858,6 +1858,7 @@ ide_build_pipeline_create_launcher (IdeBuildPipeline *self,
if (ret != NULL)
ide_subprocess_launcher_set_clear_env (ret, TRUE);
ide_subprocess_launcher_set_cwd (ret, ide_build_pipeline_get_builddir (self));
ide_subprocess_launcher_set_flags (ret,
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