Commit 1d67b64d authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert

flatpak: check for ignored status of installed runtimes

Not all runtimes that we install should be displayed to the user, so filter
the ones like .Docs or .Locale.
parent 2006e9df
......@@ -28,6 +28,7 @@
#include "gbp-flatpak-runtime.h"
#include "gbp-flatpak-runtime-provider.h"
#include "gbp-flatpak-transfer.h"
#include "gbp-flatpak-util.h"
typedef struct
......@@ -91,6 +92,7 @@ runtime_added_cb (GbpFlatpakRuntimeProvider *self,
g_autoptr(GbpFlatpakRuntime) new_runtime = NULL;
g_autoptr(GError) error = NULL;
const gchar *name;
IdeContext *context;
......@@ -100,6 +102,10 @@ runtime_added_cb (GbpFlatpakRuntimeProvider *self,
g_assert (IDE_IS_RUNTIME_MANAGER (self->manager));
name = flatpak_ref_get_name (FLATPAK_REF (ref));
if (gbp_flatpak_is_ignored (name))
for (guint i = 0; i < self->runtimes->len; i++)
GbpFlatpakRuntime *runtime = g_ptr_array_index (self->runtimes, i);
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