Commit 0fbece95 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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vim: implement uppercase with `U' during selection

Like `u', this is a different command when there is a selection. `U' is
parent 1dcc9fb3
......@@ -4591,6 +4591,21 @@ gb_source_vim_cmd_undo_redo (GbSourceVim *vim,
if (!GTK_SOURCE_IS_BUFFER (buffer))
* TODO: I don't like that we are overloading a command based on there
* being a selection or not. Real VIM probably handles this as
* selections having a different mode (thereby a deferent command
* hashtable lookup).
has_selection = gb_source_vim_get_selection_bounds (vim, &iter, &selection);
if (has_selection)
gb_source_vim_toggle_case (vim, GTK_SOURCE_CHANGE_CASE_UPPER);
if (gtk_source_buffer_can_redo (GTK_SOURCE_BUFFER (buffer)))
gb_source_vim_redo (vim);
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