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release 3.25.4

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Version 3.25.4
This release of Builder contains the largest UI change since the creation of
Builder. As this is mid-development cycle towards GNOME 3.26, we anticipate
breakage in this release. However, we value the time that people put into
testing things for us and doubly so for those that file bugs.
Generally, we try to keep the master branch fairly stable and usable. This
release will almost certainly have regressions due to the nature of the
• A new keybinding engine is being used. It is very young but maturing
quickly. Great pain has been experienced to merge the desires for
features we need with the backwards compatability to keep existing
features working such as the Vim compatability engine.
• A new layout engine has been added. It has a few tricks up it's sleeve.
It can animate widgets between grid locations. It also can highlight
the view header to match the primary contents of the view. Under the
hood, the implementation has been vastly simplified.
• Over/under splits can now contain separate documents and you are no
longer limited to two.
• The project tree has been modified to look/feel more like a listbox.
Future releases of Builder will keep the project-tree, but it will
likely be disabled by default in favor of a DzlStackList-based
• The TODO plugin has been ported to C. It goes through a reasonable
amount of effort to keep memory allocations contiguous and footprint low.
• Spellcheck has been moved into a plugin.
• Color picker and spellcheck have been ported to use the new
"transient sidebar". They come into focus when it makes sense for them
to be visible based on context.
• The symbol panel has been moved into the document header. It has also
been styled to feel more like a listbox with hover state.
• Devhelp browsing has been moved into the document header for the
devhelp documentation view. It's a little bare at first, and we anticipate
this to improve in future snapshots.
• The terminal supports the "primary-color" feature to style the document
header inline with the document content.
• The build panel has been redsigned. It is placed on the left now to keep
our workflow something like Left->Right.
• The global search has been replaced to fit with the mockups, on the
top-right corner of the window. We expect more improvements to search
in upcoming releases.
• The "new-document" button has been replaced with a menu for various
types of new documents.
• Manu previous extension points now use menus.ui to populate their menu
content. This makes extending menus much more consistent across Builder.
• Document preferences (tab size, spaces, language, etc) have been moved
into a transient sidebar. You can activate this with the menu item from
the document header.
• An "Open Pages" section has been added to the panel. It's not yet clear
if this will continue to be enabled by default or if it will be a plugin
that can be enabled.
• The beautifier plugin has yet to be ported to the new engine, and therefore
is disabled by default in this release.
Thanks in advance to all of our testers!
Version 3.25.3
project('gnome-builder', 'c',
license: 'GPL3+',
version: '3.25.3',
version: '3.25.4',
meson_version: '>= 0.38.0',
default_options: [
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