Commit 00713280 authored by Christian Hergert's avatar Christian Hergert
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clang: work around pesky CXCursor_MacroExpansion

This messes up our nearest scope pretty much every time. So if
we come across a macro expansion, try to move to right before
the macro expansion so that we are more likely to land on the
proper scope.
Signed-off-by: Christian Hergert's avatarChristian Hergert <>
parent 20af2eef
......@@ -1142,6 +1142,51 @@ ide_clang_translation_unit_get_symbol_tree_finish (IdeClangTranslationUnit *sel
return g_task_propagate_pointer (task, error);
static gboolean
is_ignored_kind (enum CXCursorKind kind)
switch ((int)kind)
case CXCursor_CXXMethod:
case CXCursor_ClassDecl:
case CXCursor_ClassTemplate:
case CXCursor_Constructor:
case CXCursor_Destructor:
case CXCursor_EnumConstantDecl:
case CXCursor_EnumDecl:
case CXCursor_FunctionDecl:
case CXCursor_FunctionTemplate:
case CXCursor_Namespace:
case CXCursor_NamespaceAlias:
case CXCursor_StructDecl:
case CXCursor_TranslationUnit:
case CXCursor_TypeAliasDecl:
case CXCursor_TypedefDecl:
case CXCursor_UnionDecl:
return FALSE;
return TRUE;
static CXCursor
move_to_previous_sibling (CXTranslationUnit unit,
CXCursor cursor)
CXSourceRange range = clang_getCursorExtent (cursor);
CXSourceLocation begin = clang_getRangeStart (range);
CXSourceLocation loc;
CXFile file;
unsigned line;
unsigned column;
clang_getFileLocation (begin, &file, &line, &column, NULL);
loc = clang_getLocation (unit, file, line, column - 1);
return clang_getCursor (unit, loc);
* ide_clang_translation_unit_find_nearest_scope:
* @self: a #IdeClangTranslationUnit
......@@ -1165,6 +1210,7 @@ ide_clang_translation_unit_find_nearest_scope (IdeClangTranslationUnit *self,
CXTranslationUnit unit;
CXSourceLocation loc;
CXCursor cursor;
enum CXCursorKind kind;
IdeSymbolKind symkind;
IdeSymbolFlags symflags;
IdeSymbol *ret;
......@@ -1204,10 +1250,37 @@ ide_clang_translation_unit_find_nearest_scope (IdeClangTranslationUnit *self,
cursor = clang_getCursorSemanticParent (cursor);
* Macros sort of mess us up and result in us thinking
* we are in some sort of InvalidFile condition.
kind = clang_getCursorKind (cursor);
if (kind == CXCursor_MacroExpansion)
cursor = move_to_previous_sibling (unit, cursor);
* The semantic parent may still be uninteresting to us,
* so possibly keep walking up the AST until we get to
* something better.
cursor = clang_getCursorSemanticParent (cursor);
kind = clang_getCursorKind (cursor);
while (!clang_Cursor_isNull (cursor) && is_ignored_kind (kind));
if (kind == CXCursor_TranslationUnit)
g_set_error (error,
"The location does not have a semantic parent");
symbol_location = ide_source_location_new (ifile, line - 1, line_offset - 1, 0);
cxname = clang_getCursorSpelling (cursor);
cxname = clang_getCursorDisplayName (cursor);
symkind = get_symbol_kind (cursor, &symflags);
ret = ide_symbol_new (clang_getCString (cxname),
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