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Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • 9. Initiative: Mobile apps
    Effort to support mobile for factors
  • 2. Needs Diagnosis
    The issue needs more diagnosis to triage
  • 2. Merge After Freeze
  • 1. Crash
    The issue is a crash in the software
  • 1. Bug
    Problems, incorrect behavior or appearance
  • 1. Regression
    Issue is an unintended break of previous working behavior
  • 9. Initiatives: AppData update
  • 1. Enhancement
    Issues that propose improvements to existing features
  • Deliverable
    Short term vision for the project. Approximately a two-releases moving target.
  • 3. Not Actionable
    Issue is too generic or is not actionable
  • 9. High visibility
    Features, fixes and changes that have high user visibility or impact. Intended for tracking and communication with engagement team, users, etc.
  • Stretch
    Long term vision for the project. Approximately a four releases moving target.
  • 9. Initiative: Platform Profiling
  • 9. Initiative: NightlyAppIcons
  • 9. Initiative: AdaptiveGTK
  • 9. Initiative: Tracker 3
  • 9. Initiative: Sandbox all the WebKit!