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Released 0.15.2

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Version 0.15.0
Version 0.15.2
* GomElement gains delaying parsing to improve parse time
* GomDocument and GomElement gain async methods for parsing
* GomDocument can be converted to string
* New GomHashTreeMap implementation, allowing to create collections with
Gee.TreeMap API
* XParser can create an InputStream to dump string of the object
* XParser gains async method for parsing
* Added infrastructure for CSS Selectors, basic implementation. Added to DOM4
implementation classes
* Improvements to HTML parsing, adding new methods to be used on different
sources. Renamed HtmlDocument to GHtmlDocument, implementing a new interface
DomHtmlDocument for future expansions of HTML engines
* Improved HTML to string conversion using DomHtmlDocument.to_html(), actually
just GHtmlDocument implements it using libxml2
* converted to owned
and fixed on G and Gom implementations
* Improved Meson build system
* xlibxml have been deprecated and will be removed in future versions
* Ported C examples to new API
* Updated documentation
* New and updated translations:
Added Catalan by Matej Urbančič <>
Updated Indonesian by Andika Triwidada <>
Updated Spanish by Daniel Mustieles <>
Updated Hungarian by Balázs Úr <>
Updated Slovenian by Matej Urbančič <>
Updated Polish by Piotr Drąg <>
Updated Czech by Marek Černocký <>
Updated Brazilian by Rafael Fontenelle <>
Updated Servian by Мирослав Николић <>
Version 0.14.3
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