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Release 0.20.0

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Version 0.20.0
* Add more CSS version 3 expressions
* New HTMLDocument
* Transition from pre 0.20 API, can be found at Wiki
* API simplification (breaks)
* Remove of obsolete and deprecated API
......@@ -12,6 +14,36 @@ Version 0.20.0
* TNode derived classes removed
* GNode derived classes (libxml2) renamed to XNode derived ones (GDocument to XDocument)
* Documentation updates
* Document: export search_root_element_property()
* Enum class now can be configured to change its value string
representation, to use the default GLib, use upper cases,
use nick and use nick upper cases.
* If a deserialization of an enum property yields
to an invalid string of an enum, then that is
hold and used to serialize back, so no data is
lost and is tolerant for extensions not included
in the current implementation
* Parser: improve error on collection initialization
* Add default namespaces resolution
* New multi-type collection can recognize more than one
object direved from the same type, like an interface
* New translations
Romanian by Florentina Mușat <>
Ukrainian by Yuri Chornoivan <>
* Updated translations:
Brazillian Portuguese by Rafael Fontenelle <>
Spanish by Daniel Mustieles <>
Catalan by Jordi Mas <>
Polish by Piotr Drąg <>
Swedish by Anders Jonsson <>
British English by Zander Brown <>
Hungarian by Balázs Úr <>
Czech by Marek Černocký <>
Basque by Asier Sarasua Garmendia <>
Indonesian by Andika Triwidada <>
Greek by Efstathios Iosifidis <>
Danish by Ask Hjorth Larsen <>
Version 0.18.1
......@@ -45,9 +45,6 @@ using Gee;
public class GXml.ArrayList : GXml.BaseCollection, GXml.List {
public override bool validate_append (int index, DomElement element) throws GLib.Error {
GLib.message ("Adding node:"+element.node_name);
return true;
project('gxml', [ 'vala', 'c'], version : '0.19.1')
project('gxml', [ 'vala', 'c'], version : '0.20.0')
PROJECT_NAME = meson.project_name ()
API_VERSION = '0.20'
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