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    README, devel-docs: reorganize a bit the main README and devel docs. · bad465c6
    Jehan authored
    - ps-menurc removed in GIMP 2.7.2 (i.e. stable 2.8.0) according to
    - in our main README, redirect now to devel-docs/README.md as entry
      point for contributors.
    - move HACKING to devel-docs/ and specialize it into a "how to build
      from git and contributed" docs:
      * Make it markdown.
      * Remove some now obsolete or redundant recommendations (to be fair,
        we can probably clean up the file a bit more, but we'll see).
      * Add/improve relevant information.
      * Make more obvious when you want to build from tarball or git.
      * Just keep a single short paragraph about the coding style to
        redirect people to the appropriate CODING_STYLE.md file.
      * Don't recommend sending patches to the mailing list anymore.
    - move CODING_STYLE.md to devel-docs/.