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      deteplification: the mega commit · fa587e03
      Zander Brown authored and Jordi Mas's avatar Jordi Mas committed
      This commit is a reverse patch of a rebased version of gedit with
      commits related to tepl/amtk removed
      Sébastien Wilmet has stopped development of these libraries, relevant
      As a result usage is being dropped in favour simplifing gedit
      dependencies, because there are not enough developers, and too many bugs.
      Do you prefer a rock-solid text editor? Or a text editor with some shiny
      and non-essential dependencies that complicate the build, at the expense
      of more bugs?
      Tracked at: Infrastructure/Infrastructure#564
      Commits Dropped:
      cfeb7cb6 build: add Tepl dependency, second try
      872fb480 Utils: use str truncate functions from Tepl
      9a121d52 Utils: deprecate str_end_truncate()
      e0e60279 No longer use gedit_utils_str_end_truncate()
      657ce9f7 Utils: deprecate str_middle_truncate()
      6eefa74c No longer use gedit_utils_str_middle_truncate()
      169c1594 main: call tepl_init() and tepl_finalize()
      ec31f0c2 snap: Fixed build failures by added tepl part
      76cf5562 Document: remove metadata implementation
      75cdb6a7 Document: second pass to remove metadata implementation
      d6b158ca App: remove the GeditMetadataManager
      6eccd667 Remove GeditMetadataManager
      03929157 build: remove enable-gvfs-metadata option
      1dad3bce build: remove libxml dependency
      8c082542 metadata: adapt key names for TeplFileMetadata
      c2904aa8 Document: metadata: create an internal TeplFile
      9c8ede1e App: setup Tepl metadata manager
      91bc04ef App: remove leftover comment
      b39dd020 Document: use TeplFileMetadata to re-implement set/get_metadata()
      494677bf Utils: use tepl_utils_replace_home_dir_with_tilde()
      aaaa28a8 docs: gtk-doc fixxref: fix the path for gtk and add path for tepl
      8710e89d Remove GeditViewCentering
      5e0909c1 ViewFrame: disable overlay scrolling for the GtkScrolledWindow
      7c7296b0 Remove overview map: remove from preferences dialog
      26899e0b Remove overview map
      27f54a9a replace-open-button: remove OpenDocumentSelector
      504ced5a replace-open-button: Window: remove open document popover
      3a8c5bbc replace-open-button: remove open button UI
      abab6529 replace-open-button: re-create a simple Open button
      1ee984a4 replace-open-button: re-create simple Open Recent menu button (UI)
      f1a58a70 replace-open-button: set Open Recent menu with Amtk
      020e0b34 replace-open-button: re-handle the fullscreen mode
      4dfd2104 Window: remove dead code (#defines)
      0caf371b Window: make the code a little clearer wrt fullscreen mode
      584aeb20 Window: rename fullscreen_controls -> fullscreen_revealer
      75705bf1 Window: some code cleanup wrt fullscreen mode
      cf0d6261 Window: simplify setting the state of the fullscreen revealer
      8706e562 Window: fullscreen mode: remove idle function
      6361b281 Window: fullscreen mode: remove no longer needed code
      8d3e6faf Window: fullscreen mode: fix headerbar shown/hidden "stuttering"
      a437e524 Window: fullscreen mode: add comment about the "stuttering" fix
      d064c5f8 Window: remove useless #include
      15833e5c build: list of deps: simplify
      007caff5 build: list of deps: simplify version requirements
      72dc3a47 build: avoid the use of a variable
      4a49c856 flatpak: update Amtk to 5.0.2
      9ab7b0f0 utils: remove GBOOLEAN_TO_POINTER() and GPOINTER_TO_BOOLEAN()
      55c5f142 Utils: deprecate gedit_warning()
      cbdd3a85 PreferencesDialog: use tepl_utils_show_warning_dialog()
      7a442c76 Utils: deprecate decode_uri(), use the tepl one
      bf3d5700 Use tepl_utils_decode_uri()
      2e45bb03 io-error-info-bar: remove useless #include's
      09241111 io-error-info-bar: use TeplInfoBar for the file_already_open_warning
      8ccb4566 io-error-info-bar: file_already_open_warning moved to Tepl
      8bfe0559 io-error-info-bar: use TeplInfoBar for no_backup_saving_error
      ca582d2c io-error-info-bar: fix fixme in no_backup_saving_error
      fa175808 io-error-info-bar: no_backup_saving_error: show also error->message
      321eccdd io-error-info-bar: no_back_saving_error moved to Tepl
      7bb88011 io-error-info-bar: tepl function renamed to have a shorter name
      d1a14a06 io-error-info-bar: externally_modified: use TeplInfoBar
      bf60cc1a io-error-info-bar: invalid_character: TeplInfoBar + other improvements
      44cff979 io-error-info-bar: externally_modified: remove unneeded code
      873ed25f io-error-info-bar: externally_modified: further simplify the code
      a8a4724f io-error-info-bar: externally_modified: moved to Tepl
      ec8d8c71 io-error-info-bar: invalid_character: moved to Tepl
      2aae17c3 flatpak: switch Tepl to Meson
      9caadded Window: fix RTL bug for Open buttons in the headerbar
      82d8c507 View: subclass TeplView
      e23569c5 View: deprecate lots of functions, use the TeplView ones
      291eb9c8 commands-edit: use TeplView functions
      00f8c5e6 Use tepl_view_scroll_to_cursor()
      5fdeaee2 Document: deprecate goto_line() and goto_line_offset()
      d87bf25b commands-file: use tepl_view_goto_line*()
      fd5500d9 Tab: use tepl_view_goto_line_offset()
      3c8a1dcb ViewFrame: use tepl_view_goto_line*()
      079f9699 pkg-config file: add Tepl as public dep
      cf6281d0 docs: document that gedit is in the process of using more Tepl features
      9ac62a6f build: require Tepl 5
      3f84484d App: port to new Tepl metadata API
      9b9fa6c7 Document: port to new Tepl metadata API
      491280c0 docs: roadmap: link to new Tepl roadmap
      49db2a66 PreferencesDialog: use TeplStyleSchemeChooserWidget to fix several bugs
      94c3b70c PreferencesDialog: improvements to color scheme management
      53cfa171 PreferencesDialog: fix some bugs when (un)installing color schemes
      da5b9af9 snap: the tepl build is meson only now
      012a07cb snap: use the correct option to specify parameters
      325aa857 Factory: class skeleton
      7b857977 Factory: implement ::create_metadata_manager_file vfunc
      d5a43cec Factory: create it in main() and set it as the TeplAbstractFactory
      39254519 App: use tepl_application_handle_metadata()
      8b2fa909 Keep default buttons orientation for TeplInfoBars
      efe48bbe flatpak: remove uchardet, Tepl no longer depends on it
      5e588d97 PreferencesDialog: improve code to install extra style scheme
      eada68d9 PreferencesDialog: use GtkFileChooserNative, not GeditFileChooserDialog
      55fc5973 FileChooserDialog: remove hide() (now dead code)
      4f5a5681 FileChooserDialog: remove add_pattern_filter() (now dead code)
      105ca1de File choosers: remove GeditFileChooserFlags
      ff1e9c27 Update Romanian translation
      b4a52f47 Merge branch 'master' of gitlab.gnome.org:GNOME/gedit
      21d94f23 Remove all the deprecated API
      4b5838b1 docs: update path to Amtk docs for the gtk-doc fixxref_args
      a4cf3ac5 Use tepl_pango_font_description_to_css()
      205bfc85 Window: port to TeplLanguageChooserWidget
      ffedbc88 commands-view: port to TeplLanguageChooserDialog
      1dc32529 Remove GeditHighlightModeSelector and GeditHighlightModeDialog
      e487680b Use Tepl 6 (currently 5.99)
      ee465ef0 Tab: port to TeplProgressInfoBar
      bc992e11 Remove GeditProgressInfoBar, replaced by TeplProgressInfoBar
      fa9d6aea docs: document the GeditProgressInfoBar removal
      bb4ba554 docs: document that all deprecated APIs have been removed
      32535180 GeditDocument: subclass TeplBuffer
      8b01acac GeditDocument: remove the ::cursor-moved signal
      b938c50f Use the TeplBuffer::tepl-cursor-moved signal
      6b6a6e59 GeditDocument: bind GtkSourceFile and TeplFile :location properties
      f73828fe GeditDocument: remove unused instance variable
      01d8a157 flatpak: build amtk from git master, not from an archive
      6e78a57c GeditDocument: use tepl_file_get_short_name()
      49749c38 GeditDocument: remove untitled_number handling
      844f6185 Tab: use TeplFile:short-name property notification
      49c0c814 GeditDocument: remove the :shortname property
      a4670d7c help: "Untitled Document" -> "Untitled File"
      4d4d5d48 Use tepl_buffer_is_untouched()
      b0f67d39 GeditDocument: remove is_untouched()
      85b00705 GeditDocument: use the TeplFile location in is_untitled()
      4df850fb View: use TeplSignalGroup
      ef0d0ca9 View: minor code changes
      284e6c05 View: make set_font() private
      6b1e782d View: code refactorings for set_font()
      ce790b51 View: use tepl_utils_override_font()
      79b3e301 GeditSettings: remove no longer needed code
      da4b3e61 GeditSettings: minor code change: removed unused function param
      13033aff GeditSettings: rework fonts changes handling, add ::fonts-changed signal
      878ceb98 GeditSettings: minor code change, improve get_system_font()
      1e89921a GeditSettings: add get_selected_font()
      9ef4cf7e View: simplify the code to update the font
      3a3de93b debug: remove DEBUG_METADATA (dead code)
      43925dac recent: use the TeplFile
      2f7c4a69 recent: move some functions to gedit-recent-osx
      87b1f50d recent-osx: add TODO comment
      Brought to you by GitLens, which honesntly has been very useful
      unpicking all this and sticking it back together again
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      Release 3.33.92 · 4c58849a
      swilmet authored
      New news format, to follow the same format as GtkSourceView, gspell,
      Tepl, and other projects. Adding the date is convenient, instead of
      looking in the git log.
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