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Release 42.beta

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Evince 42.beta
Evince now requires libarchive >= 3.6.0 and Poppler >= 22.02.0
* Replace include guards with pragma once (Christian Persch)
* Remove legacy code path for Gtk < 3.22 (Qiu Wenbo)
* Rename default branch to main (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Align app name in metadata with .desktop name (Sophie Herold)
* Fix missing tag (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Use a nondeprecated SPDX license identifier (Maximiliano Sandoval R)
* Use C99 types for uint family types (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Use symbol visibility for exported symbols (Christian Persch)
* dvi: replace GdkColor with GdkRGBA (Qiu Wenbo)
* dvi: Avoid using deprecated functions (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* dvi: Remove support for T1 fonts on dvi (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* comics: Add helper to get the state of the EvArchive (Bastien Nocera)
* comics: Document array contents (Bastien Nocera)
* comics: Speed up fetching page sizes (Bastien Nocera)
* comics: Use libarchive for RAR support (#1725, Bastien Nocera)
* djvu: Also load DjVu images (Bastien Nocera)
* djvu: Extract XMP metadata (Christian Persch)
* pdf: Use GdkRGBA instead of GdkColor (Qiu Wenbo)
* pdf: Fix dispose implementation (Christian Persch)
* pdf: Fix metadata parsing precedence (Christian Persch)
* pdf: Implement loading from file descriptor (Christian Persch)
* pdf: Only flag EvDocumentInfo fields when actually present (Christian Persch)
* pdf: Let launch action to open pdfs from click event (#1333, #48, Nelson Benítez León)
* tiff: Extract XMP metadata (Christian Persch)
* Fix dependency tracking (Christian Persch)
* Fix re-definition of default_options (Bastien Nocera)
* Only fail to build DVI by missing libkpathsea (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Remove cruft (Christian Persch)
* Require poppler 22.02.0 for PDF rendering (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Silence deprecated declarations warnings (Christian Persch)
* Use symbol visibility to hide symbols in private libs (Christian Persch)
* Use symbol visibility to hide symbols in the nautilus module (Christian Persch)
* Stop checking for execinfo.h (Alex Xu (Hello71))
* Remove incorrect args for i18n.merge_file (r-value)
* Fix multiple compilation warnings (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Migrate to gi-docgen (Qiu Wenbo)
* Add gi-docgen and its dependencies as modules (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Add libarchive 3.6.0 build (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Build introspection and API documentation (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Bump gnome-desktop version (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Bump poppler version and update build options (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Bump poppler-data version (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* update symbols (#1756, Jakub Steiner)
* Add API to create EvDocument from file descriptor (Christian Persch)
* Add function to sniff MIME type from FD (Christian Persch)
* Add missing headers to evince-document.h (Christian Persch)
* Add portal helper function (Christian Persch)
* Deprecate GTime usage in annotation's properties (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Don't install private headers (Christian Persch)
* Factor out function to create GDateTime from tag (Christian Persch)
* Fix mismatched allocators (Christian Persch)
* Fix volatile misuse (Christian Persch)
* Make ev_attachment_launch_app use GdkDisplay (Qiu Wenbo)
* Make EvDocumentInfo extensible (Christian Persch)
* Make XMP parser take data length (Christian Persch)
* Move EvDocumentInfo to its own file (Christian Persch)
* Move GDateTime members to the extended struct (#1711, Christian Persch)
* Move XMP parsing from backend/pdf to libdocument (Christian Persch)
* Only register XML namespaces once (Christian Persch)
* Plug some mem leaks in the XMP parser (Christian Persch)
* Set EvDocumentInfo.fields_mask when parsing XMP (Christian Persch)
* Sort evince-document.h includes (Christian Persch)
* Use symbol visibility for exported symbols (Christian Persch)
* Update style context classes (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Add EvJobLoad class to load from file descriptor (Christian Persch)
* Add Portal implementation of EvPrintOperationExport (Christian Persch)
* Bugfix: Move cursor over link handling to a separate function (#1695, Mads Chr. Olesen)
* Do not draw invalid surface (Marek Kasik)
* EvAnnotationWindow is private to libview (Christian Persch)
* EvPageCache is private to libview (Christian Persch)
* EvPixbufCache is private to libview (Christian Persch)
* Fix critical warnings when destroying EvPageAccessible (Christian Persch)
* Fix typos in annotations (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Fix volatile misuse (Christian Persch)
* Open annotation windows when opening the document (#1425, andreastedile)
* Split the unix printing impl from the export print operation (Christian Persch)
* Use GObject:constructed instead of constructor (Christian Persch)
* Use symbol visibility for exported symbols (Christian Persch)
* Whitespace cleanup (Christian Persch)
* ev-view-cursor.h private to libview (Christian Persch)
* Set has-tooltip property unconditionally at init (Mads Chr. Olesen)
* Fix cancelling ongoing highlight text annotation (#1690, Nelson Ben)
* Preview popups only triggered by motion events (#1666, Nelson Benítez León)
* New EvView signal to inform EvWindow we cancelled adding annotation (#1730, Nelson Benítez León)
* Allow passing the document and print settings as FDs (Christian Persch)
* Support dark style preference (Alexander Mikhaylenko)
* Try sniffing MIME type from file descriptor (Christian Persch)
* Fix critical on startup (Christian Persch)
* Remove unused variables (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Reset window title when cancelling password dialog (#931, Gary Li)
* Update date and authors in about dialog (#1490, Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Use tabular figures for zoom level and page numbers (Lukas K)
* Allow EvView to correctly receive focus (#704, Nelson Benítez León)
* Fix crash when thumbnail extraction takes too long (#965, Nelson Benítez León)
* Fix title color (Alexander Mikhaylenko)
* Support dark style preference (Alexander Mikhaylenko)
* Ignore areas with center outside of match (Vasily Galkin)
* Make icons recolorable (Alexander Mikhaylenko)
* Add binding for win.dual-odd-left (#1576, Leo Vivier)
* Add binding in help-overlay for win.dual-odd-left (Leo Vivier)
* Remove "Quit" from shortcuts page (Marek Kasik)
* Restore fallback to mime type from URI on Windows (Cédric Krier)
* Use GDateTime for handling document properties (Germán Poo-Caamaño)
* Fix translator-credits to render properly for Catalan (Ícar N.S)
* Use libarchive and remove obsolete unarr copy/paste (#1396, #848, Bastien Nocera)
* Alex Xu (Hello71), Alexander Mikhaylenko, Bastien Nocera,
Christian Persch, Cédric Krier, Gary Li, Germán Poo-Caamaño,
Jakub Steiner, Leo Vivier, Lukas K, Mads Chr. Olesen, Marek Kasik,
Maximiliano Sandoval R, Nelson Benítez León, Qiu Wenbo,
Sophie Herold, Vasily Galkin, andreastedile, r-value, Ícar N.S
* Asier Sarasua Garmendia (Basque)
* Leônidas Araújo (Brazilian Portuguese)
* Alexander Shopov (Bulgarian)
* Jordi Mas i Hernandez (Catalan)
* Boyuan Yang (Chinese (China))
* Goran Vidović (Croatian)
* Marek Černocký (Czech)
* Alan Mortensen (Danish)
* Ask Hjorth Larsen (Danish)
* Jiri Grönroos (Finnish)
* Fabio Tomat (Friulian)
* Fran Dieguez (Galician)
* Yaron Shahrabani (Hebrew)
* Yosef Or Boczko (Hebrew)
* Balázs Meskó (Hungarian)
* Sveinn í Felli (Icelandic)
* Kukuh Syafaat (Indonesian)
* Gianvito Cavasoli (Italian)
* sicklylife (Japanese)
* Rūdolfs Mazurs (Latvian)
* Aurimas Černius (Lithuanian)
* Quentin PAGÈS (Occitan)
* Danial Behzadi (Persian)
* MohammadSaleh Kamyab (Persian)
* Hugo Carvalho (Portuguese)
* Aleksandr Melman (Russian)
* Dušan Kazik (Slovak)
* Matej Urbančič (Slovenian)
* Daniel Mustieles (Spanish)
* Emin Tufan Çetin (Turkish)
* Yuri Chornoivan (Ukrainian)
Evince 41.2
......@@ -81,6 +81,25 @@
<content_attribute id="money-gambling">none</content_attribute>
<release version="42.beta" type="development" date="2022-03-02">
<issue url="">#48</issue>
<issue url="">#704</issue>
<issue url="">#848</issue>
<issue url="">#931</issue>
<issue url="">#965</issue>
<issue url="">#1425</issue>
<issue url="">#1490</issue>
<issue url="">#1576</issue>
<issue url="">#1666</issue>
<issue url="">#1690</issue>
<issue url="">#1695</issue>
<issue url="">#1711</issue>
<issue url="">#1725</issue>
<issue url="">#1730</issue>
<issue url="">#1756</issue>
<release version="41.2" type="stable" date="2021-10-09">
<issue url="">#1682</issue>
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