Commit 18e902ae authored by Danilo Galete's avatar Danilo Galete 💬
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Correction: center the letters in relation to the circle

parent 5ee628b8
......@@ -95,8 +95,10 @@ finance_utils_create_circle (const GdkRGBA *color,
gint arc_size,
const gchar *str)
cairo_surface_t *surface;
cairo_t *cr;
cairo_text_extents_t extents;
cairo_surface_t *surface;
cairo_t *cr;
double x, y;
surface = cairo_image_surface_create (CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32, arc_size, arc_size);
cr = cairo_create (surface);
......@@ -121,10 +123,14 @@ finance_utils_create_circle (const GdkRGBA *color,
cairo_fill (cr);
cairo_move_to (cr, (arc_size * 0.2285), (arc_size * 0.6214));
cairo_text_extents (cr, str, &extents);
x = arc_size/2-(extents.width/2 + extents.x_bearing);
y = arc_size/2-(extents.height/2 + extents.y_bearing);
cairo_move_to (cr, x, y);
cairo_text_path (cr, str);
cairo_set_source_rgb (cr, 1, 1, 1);
cairo_show_text (cr, str);
cairo_fill (cr);
cairo_destroy (cr);
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