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Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.17.6
* GtkFileChooser:
- Handle ., / and ~ in the location entry
- Improve keyboard navigation in save mode
- Don't search recursively in remote locations
- Allow activating without double-click
* GtkFontChooser:
- Bring back a lazy loading optimization that was lost
* GtkWindow:
- Fix handling of window states before the window is mapped
- Add API to fullscreen on a given monitor
* GtkTextView:
- Support font features on tags
* Theme and CSS
- Various HighContrast theme fixes and improvements
- Reduce redraws caused by irrelevant style changes
* gtk-demo gained some more examples
* GtkInspector
- Show wayland display information
- Show monitor information
- Preserve the selected object when rescanning the object tree
* X11:
- Make copy-paste work across multiple screens again
* OS X:
- Fix maximization
- Fix winodw shadows
- Implement notebook tab DND
- Hi-dpi icon fixes
* Bugs fixed:
579466 gtk_entry_completion_insert_action documentation is misleading
610925 GtkFileChooserDialog won't pick show-hidden setting from a ...
652085 CSS cursor support
721398 clipboard not working across screens
734984 CSD windows have incorrectly sized shadows
741685 Invalid memory read on resizing window
746491 [HighContrast] GtkSpinButtons are looking bad
748772 Use new pango_fc_font_map_config_changed()
749339 [Wayland] Gdk-CRITICAL **: gdk_window_get_display: assertion ...
751721 No release event for shift key when both shift keys were pressed
752327 second right-click on header bar buttons brings WM menu, and ...
752577 infinite loop on using nautilus menu
752633 Several GtkPlacesSidebar methods need better documentation
752638 notebook tab dragging doesn't work on Quartz (patches included...
752664 Inspector only shows widget tree if created after startup
752677 x11: implement fullscreen_on_monitor
752707 Location bar navigation to parent directories
752708 File chooser in SAVE mode should accept "foobar/" to navigate
752761 GtkMenu: Properly detach menu when the window is detached
752765 GtkWindow: queue states if not mapped not if not realized
752810 Doubled spacing in string
752875 wayland: Fix initial fullscreen monitor support
752920 GtkLabel's warnings when parsing the markup failed are unhelpful
752960 [HighContrast] GtkPlacesSidebar needs padding (?) around icons
752965 [HighContrast] GtkLinkButton is similar to a non-interactive label
752969 [HighContrast] GtkCheckMenuItem:prelight:checked should be whit...
752975 [HighContrast] selected row of backdrop GtkTreeView should prob...
752977 [HighContrast] clicked header of a GtkTreeView is all black
752978 [HighContrast] label of a GtkProgressBar should probably be black
753048 GtkImage leak when a GtkButton subclass calls gtk_button_set_im...
753051 [HighContrast] double border for the add custom color button
753060 [HighContrast] switching from sensitive to insensitive resizes ...
753130 inspector should keep object tree expanded to the selected object
753138 wayland: Invalidate our gtk_surface when we're unmapped
753142 File icons in the filechooser listview only appear 1 out of 2 t...
753230 Adwaita: odd insensitive calendar
753256 Don't handle key event when nothing happens
753284 GtkFileChooser segfault when compiling with clang
* Translation updates:
Overview of Changes in GTK+ 3.17.5
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