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      Update Croatian translation · d1442765
      Goran Vidović authored
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      Update Indonesian translation · 72e5caf6
      Kukuh Syafaat authored
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      keyboard: Fix EmojiSelection:delta range · 3768b6b7
      Florian Müllner authored
      The setter clamps the values to the range (-width, width), so we
      must not limit the property to positive values.
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      notificationDaemon: Catch exceptions while loading notifications · e5cde470
      Will Thompson authored
      An Endless OS system was found in the wild with a malformed
      .local/share/gnome-shell/notifications which causes _loadNotifications()
      to raise an exception. This exception was not previously handled and
      bubbles all the way out to gnome_shell_plugin_start(), whereupon the
      shell exit(1)s. The user could no longer log into their computer.
      Handle exceptions from _loadNotifications(), log them, and attempt to
      continue. Ensure that this._isLoading is set to 'false' even on error,
      so that future calls to _saveNotifications() can overwrite the (corrupt)
      state file.
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      global: Don't trust persistent/runtime state data · a207f67f
      Will Thompson authored
      An Endless OS system was found in the wild with a malformed
      .local/share/gnome-shell/notifications. When deserialized in Python,
      after passing trusted=True to g_variant_new_from_bytes(), the first
      element of the first struct in the array looks like this:
          In [41]: _38.get_child_value(0).get_child_value(0)
          Out[41]: GLib.Variant('s', '\Uffffffff\Uffffffff\Uffffffff\Uffffffff\Uffffffff')
      When deserialised in GJS, we get:
          gjs> v.get_child_value(0).get_child_value(0)
          [object variant of type "s"]
          gjs> v.get_child_value(0).get_child_value(0).get_string()
          typein:43:1 malformed UTF-8 character sequence at offset 0
      While g_variant_new_from_bytes() doesn't have much to say about its
      'trusted' parameter, g_variant_new_from_data() does:
      > If data is trusted to be serialised data in normal form then trusted
      > should be TRUE. This applies to serialised data created within this
      > process or read from a trusted location on the disk (such as a file
      > installed in /usr/lib alongside your application). You should set
      > trusted to FALSE if data is read from the network, a file in the
      > user's home directory, etc.
      Persistent state is read from the user's home directory, so it should
      not be trusted. With trusted=False, the string value above comes out as
      I don't have an explanation for how this file ended up being malformed.
      I also don't have an explanation for when this started crashing: my
      guess is that recent GJS became stricter about validating UTF-8 but I
      could be wrong!
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