Commit f6f373b0 authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner

dateMenu: Only show forecasts

We currently always start with the current weather info, then append
forecasts. This is slightly confusing, as the only hint that the
first item is special is the past (and potentially "odd") time.

Stop doing that and base all items on forecasts.

parent b757f5c6
......@@ -309,26 +309,24 @@ class WeatherSection extends St.Button {
_getInfos() {
let info =;
let forecasts = info.get_forecast_list();
let forecasts =;
let now = GLib.DateTime.new_now_local();
let current = info;
let infos = [info];
let current = GLib.DateTime.new_from_unix_local(0);
let infos = [];
for (let i = 0; i < forecasts.length; i++) {
let [ok_, timestamp] = forecasts[i].get_value_update();
const datetime = GLib.DateTime.new_from_unix_local(timestamp);
if (now.difference(datetime) > 0)
continue; // Ignore earlier forecasts
[ok_, timestamp] = current.get_value_update();
const currenttime = GLib.DateTime.new_from_unix_local(timestamp);
if (datetime.difference(currenttime) < GLib.TIME_SPAN_HOUR)
if (datetime.difference(current) < GLib.TIME_SPAN_HOUR)
continue; // Enforce a minimum interval of 1h
current = forecasts[i];
if (infos.push(current) == MAX_FORECASTS)
if (infos.push(forecasts[i]) == MAX_FORECASTS)
break; // Use a maximum of five forecasts
current = datetime;
return infos;
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