Commit d9ef6123 authored by Benjamin Berg's avatar Benjamin Berg Committed by Florian Müllner

data: Enable clean session shutdown after gnome-shell failure

If the GNOME shell crashes, we run a service that may disable
extensions. This is important so that users will not be locked out of
their own session in case an extension is causing crashes.

As this is a very agressive action, we tried to only do this in the
first two minutes of the session. Unfortunately, the logic was broken
and would result in an unclean session shutdown.

Fix this by using the newly introduced gnome-shell-disable-extensions
file. This is created by the extension subsystem for a period of time to
indicate the extensions may be the cause of a gnome-shell failure.

for a log of the bug happening and the gnome-session part to fix this.

parent f7424847
Description=Disable GNOME Shell extensions after failure
# Note that this unit must not conflict with anything, and must
# be able to run in parallel with the
# Only disable extensions for a short period of time after login.
# This means we err on the side of failing the first login after a broken
# extension was installed.
# We want to disable extensions only if gnome-shell has flagged the extensions
# to be a likely cause of trouble.
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