Commit c255b4d1 authored by Joonas Henriksson's avatar Joonas Henriksson

theme: Darken hovered message-media-control button

Increases contrast between normal and hovered states in
message-media-control buttons. Previously there was very little
difference between the two states, making it hard to distinguish
whether the mouse cursor was over the button.

parent bb48205a
......@@ -1158,7 +1158,7 @@ StScrollBar {
&:last-child:ltr { padding-right: 18px; }
&:last-child:rtl { padding-left: 18px; }
&:hover { color: $fg_color; }
&:hover { color: darken($fg_color, 10%) }
&:insensitive { color: darken($fg_color,40%); }
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