Commit 5f9036e8 authored by Florian Müllner's avatar Florian Müllner

calendar-server: Use correct timezone for all-day events

Since commit 28c535e3, we use the timezone associated with the ICalTime
instead of the default timezone when converting to time_t. However while
that is correct for most events, for ICalTimes that don't have a timezone
associated we still want to fall back to the default timezone instead of

parent 5b957f69
......@@ -443,6 +443,18 @@ calendar_appointment_new (ICalComponent *icomp,
return appointment;
static time_t
timet_from_ical_time (ICalTime *time,
ICalTimezone *default_zone)
ICalTimezone *timezone = NULL;
timezone = i_cal_time_get_timezone (time);
if (timezone == NULL)
timezone = default_zone;
return i_cal_time_as_timet_with_zone (time, timezone);
static gboolean
generate_instances_cb (ICalComponent *icomp,
ICalTime *instance_start,
......@@ -455,8 +467,10 @@ generate_instances_cb (ICalComponent *icomp,
GHashTable *appointments = ((CollectAppointmentsData *)user_data)->appointments;
CalendarAppointment *appointment;
CalendarOccurrence *occurrence;
ICalTimezone *default_zone;
const gchar *uid;
default_zone = e_cal_client_get_default_timezone (cal);
uid = i_cal_component_get_uid (icomp);
appointment = g_hash_table_lookup (appointments, uid);
......@@ -467,8 +481,8 @@ generate_instances_cb (ICalComponent *icomp,
occurrence = g_new0 (CalendarOccurrence, 1);
occurrence->start_time = i_cal_time_as_timet_with_zone (instance_start, i_cal_time_get_timezone (instance_start));
occurrence->end_time = i_cal_time_as_timet_with_zone (instance_end, i_cal_time_get_timezone (instance_end));
occurrence->start_time = timet_from_ical_time (instance_start, default_zone);
occurrence->end_time = timet_from_ical_time (instance_end, default_zone);
occurrence->rid = e_cal_util_component_get_recurid_as_string (icomp);
appointment->occurrences = g_slist_append (appointment->occurrences, occurrence);
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