Commit 1e8e08ce authored by Federico Mena Quintero's avatar Federico Mena Quintero Committed by Florian Müllner

Simplify if statement

And make the end of st_theme_node_lookup_length() consistent with
st_theme_node_lookup_color() and st_theme_node_lookup_shadow().

Part of GNOME/gnome-shell#1934
parent 05c3ac23
......@@ -1193,10 +1193,9 @@ st_theme_node_lookup_length (StThemeNode *node,
else if (result == VALUE_INHERIT)
inherit = TRUE;
if (inherit && node->parent_node &&
st_theme_node_lookup_length (node->parent_node, property_name, inherit, length))
return TRUE;
if (inherit && node->parent_node)
return st_theme_node_lookup_length (node->parent_node, property_name, inherit, length);
return FALSE;
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