Commit fd58fcb8 authored by columbarius's avatar columbarius
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Remove unneeded dataType

Pipewire adds  all mappable buffertypes to the dataType parameter for consumers, which use the PW_STREAM_MAP_BUFFERS flag if SPA_DATA_MemPtr is set since 9b7aa168cb2a0094a23662185684a9ad3c29eef6
parent 8dd8fa3a
......@@ -507,7 +507,6 @@ on_param_changed_cb (void *user_data,
SPA_TYPE_OBJECT_ParamBuffers, SPA_PARAM_Buffers,
SPA_PARAM_BUFFERS_dataType, SPA_POD_Int ((1 << SPA_DATA_MemPtr) |
(1 << SPA_DATA_MemFd) |
(1 << SPA_DATA_DmaBuf)));
pw_stream_update_params (xdg->stream, params, 3);
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