Commit 3aec74a3 authored by Georges Basile Stavracas Neto's avatar Georges Basile Stavracas Neto Committed by Christian Hergert
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fixup! plugins/buildui: Port GbpBuilduiLogPane to GTK4

parent acfff8a9
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......@@ -337,28 +337,6 @@ gbp_buildui_log_pane_save_in_file (GSimpleAction *action,
static void
terminal_size_allocate (GbpBuilduiLogPane *self,
GtkAllocation *allocation,
IdeTerminal *terminal)
VtePty *pty;
gint rows = 0;
gint columns = 0;
g_assert (GBP_IS_BUILDUI_LOG_PANE (self));
g_assert (allocation != NULL);
g_assert (IDE_IS_TERMINAL (terminal));
pty = vte_terminal_get_pty (VTE_TERMINAL (self->terminal));
if (self->pipeline != NULL && pty != NULL)
if (vte_pty_get_size (pty, &rows, &columns, NULL))
_ide_pipeline_set_pty_size (self->pipeline, rows, columns);
static void
gbp_buildui_log_pane_init (GbpBuilduiLogPane *self)
......@@ -372,12 +350,6 @@ gbp_buildui_log_pane_init (GbpBuilduiLogPane *self)
panel_widget_set_icon_name (PANEL_WIDGET (self), "builder-build-info-symbolic");
g_signal_connect_object (self->terminal,
G_CALLBACK (terminal_size_allocate),
g_signal_connect_object (self->terminal,
G_CALLBACK (gbp_buildui_log_pane_window_title_changed),
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