Draft: Patch gobject & glib for static linking

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These changes enable producing a static build of glib on Windows with MSVC.

See GNOME/glib!1655 for prior art.

(This MR is intentionally opened against fasterthanlime/glib rather than GNOME/glib, because it is not meant to be merged, I just want a convenient view of what my current changeset is.)

General approach

From @lb90 in their MR:

  1. Use CreateProcess directly instead of CRT _wspanw* functions where applicable.
  2. Switch to using FLS in the GPrivate implementation on Windows.
  3. Move the code that now resides in DllMain and handles DLL_PROCESS_ATTACH into a PE constructor.
  4. Modify the build definitions to allow static builds on Windows.


This MR needs these to land first:

CI pipelines

This adds two CI pipelines. Both msys2-mingw32 and vs2017-x64 got -static and -shared variants.


Not all tests are expected to run on MSVC builds anyway (even dynamic ones), here's a list of expected failures (taken from a recent main run):


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