1. 20 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  2. 16 Jul, 2019 4 commits
  3. 15 Jul, 2019 1 commit
  4. 27 Jun, 2019 1 commit
  5. 25 Jun, 2019 2 commits
    • Olivier Fourdan's avatar
      build: Add requirement on sysprof 3.33.2 · 95a20cb7
      Olivier Fourdan authored
      Profiling requires sysprof 3.33.2 because it uses a newer API recently
      introduced in sysprof: `sysprof_capture_writer_set_flush_delay()`
      The configure script does not check for the sysprof version and using an
      older version of sysprof will cause a build failure later on:
      gjs/profiler.cpp:445:5: error: ‘sysprof_capture_writer_set_flush_delay’
      was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘sysprof_capture_writer_set_counters’?
        445 |     sysprof_capture_writer_set_flush_delay(self->capture,
            |     ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
            |     sysprof_capture_writer_set_counters
        CC       libgjs-private/libgjs_la-gjs-gtk-util.lo
      make[1]: *** [Makefile:2543: gjs/libgjs_la-profiler.lo] Error 1
      make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
      Add an explicit dependency on sysprof 3.33.2 to avoid the build failure.
    • Olivier Fourdan's avatar
      build: Remove spurious closing bracket · 65cf990f
      Olivier Fourdan authored
      Running the configure script shows an error message:
      ./configure: line 17904: ]: command not found
      This is because of a misplaced closing bracket in configure.ac.
  6. 20 Jun, 2019 15 commits
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  8. 10 Jun, 2019 1 commit
    • Stéphane Seng's avatar
      arg: Fix the marshalling of GPtrArrays by ensuring that their elements are... · 3a5e42db
      Stéphane Seng authored
      arg: Fix the marshalling of GPtrArrays by ensuring that their elements are considered as pointers instead of structures
      When marshalling GPtrArrays of GI_INFO_TYPE_STRUCT such as NMIPAddress,
      GPtrArrays are considered as arrays of structures instead of arrays of
      pointers, with both `info_type == GI_INFO_TYPE_STRUCT` and
      `!g_type_info_is_pointer(param_info)` being `true`.
      One way of fixing this issue is to consider the array type in
      `gjs_array_from_carray_internal()` so that we can avoid treating array elements
      as structures instead of pointers when the array is a `GPtrArray`.
      Unfortunately it does not look like tests can easily be added to cover this
      fix, without having to add new functions in
      Closes #9.
  9. 09 Jun, 2019 10 commits
    • Cosimo Cecchi's avatar
      Merge branch 'may-maintenance' into 'master' · ab56b15d
      Cosimo Cecchi authored
      May maintenance
      See merge request GNOME/gjs!301
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      maint: Fix cppcheck suppression comment · 57abf313
      Philip Chimento authored
      Not sure why this didn't trip on master before.
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      maint: Remove cpplint exception from util/sp-capture-* · 9e9b078b
      Philip Chimento authored
      These files no longer exist, we have an internal dependency on
      libsysprof-capture instead. We no longer need to exclude them from
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      maint: Add cpplint exception · 1fc32882
      Philip Chimento authored
      This rule exists because Chromium doesn't want certain C++ standard
      library features in their codebase since they have implemented their own
      alternatives. This rule shouldn't apply to codebases that aren't
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      global: Lazy-define standard environment · efc297c0
      Philip Chimento authored
      In SpiderMonkey 68, using lazy-define for the standard global properties
      will be the only option, since JS_InitStandardClasses() will go away.
      This should not change anything, only that global properties such as
      String and Number will be defined on demand instead of in advance.
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      context: Destroy atoms before destroying context · dd8efa26
      Philip Chimento authored
      In SpiderMonkey 68, the destructor of JS::Heap<jsid> can no longer be
      run after the context has shut down. So it seems to be good practice to
      decouple the lifetime of GjsAtoms (which contains JS::Heap<jsid>) from
      that of the GjsContext.
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      js: Avoid unnecessary gjs_string_to_utf8() · d0c07a37
      Philip Chimento authored
      gjs_string_to_utf8(..., JS::StringValue(...), ...) is a pattern to be
      avoided, because gjs_string_to_utf8() just checks value.isString() and
      calls value.toString() before calling JS_EncodeStringToUTF8(). Instead,
      use JS_EncodeStringToUTF8() directly, to avoid the unnecessary creation
      of JS::Value.
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      maint: Use C++ attributes where available · b2e1a39d
      Philip Chimento authored
      The attributes available in C++14 are [[noreturn]],
      [[carries_dependency]], and [[deprecated()]]. We can use these built-in
      attributes instead of relying on the platform-specific defines in GLib.
      It would be nice to be able to use future attributes such as
      [[fallthrough]] and let them take effect as compilers implement them; or
      use custom attributes such as [[gjs::jsapi_return_convention]]; but in
      C++14, unknown attributes are not yet guaranteed to be ignored. That
      happens in C++17.
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      maint: Fix header includes once and for all · 01920362
      Philip Chimento authored
      Previously #include statements were a bit of a mess across the codebase.
      This commit is the result of a pass by the IWYU (Include What You Use)
      tool, which suggests headers to add or remove based on what is in the
      file, and can also suggest forward-declaring classes instead of
      including their headers, if they are only used as a pointer in a
      particular file. Cleaning this up should in general speed up compile
      IWYU isn't perfect, it produces a number of false positives, so we don't
      try to automate this process and we don't accept all of its
      recommendations. We do add a script and configuration file to the tools/
      directory so that IWYU can be every so often in the future.
      We also clean up all the includes according to a consistent style, which
      is now described clearly in the C++ style guide.
    • Philip Chimento's avatar
      util: Move util/error to gjs/error-types · e9d108c4
      Philip Chimento authored
      This is not really a utility file, it's part of the GJS public API, so
      it should go in gjs/ and its header file should be installed in the
      normal $pkgincludedir/gjs location; #include <util/error.h> isn't
      namespaced and might be provided by any number of libraries.