Commit 81f9be8b authored by esoleyman's avatar esoleyman
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Allow headerbar to appear on all desktops

Removed gtk_dialogs_use_header() and accompanying code to allow the
headerbar to appear in GNOME as well as other desktops. Tested with
XFCE and it works as expected.

Fixes: #62, #85
parent b608f397
......@@ -123,14 +123,8 @@ public class Cheese.MainWindow : Gtk.ApplicationWindow
GLib.Object (application: application);
header_bar = header_bar_ui.get_object ("header_bar") as Gtk.HeaderBar;
Gtk.Settings settings = Gtk.Settings.get_default ();
if (settings.gtk_dialogs_use_header)
header_bar.visible = true;
this.set_titlebar (header_bar);
header_bar.visible = true;
this.set_titlebar (header_bar);
private void set_window_title (string title)
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