Getting colder with our second freeze... it's 3.31.91 release day and string freeze, upload a tarball and lock those strings 🏂

Commit 313f05df authored by Ernestas Kulik's avatar Ernestas Kulik 🦑

entry: Add parent check when removing

Otherwise we might start poking around unset data.
parent a2a16b3e
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......@@ -278,12 +278,17 @@ void
nautilus_tagged_entry_remove_tag (NautilusTaggedEntry *self,
NautilusTaggedEntryTag *tag)
GtkWidget *parent;
gpointer data;
unsigned long handler_id;
g_return_if_fail (NAUTILUS_IS_TAGGED_ENTRY (self));
g_return_if_fail (NAUTILUS_IS_TAGGED_ENTRY_TAG (tag));
parent = gtk_widget_get_parent (GTK_WIDGET (tag));
g_return_if_fail (parent != GTK_WIDGET (self));
data = g_object_get_data (G_OBJECT (tag), "clicked-handler-id");
handler_id = GPOINTER_TO_UINT (data);
g_signal_handler_disconnect (tag, handler_id);
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