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Release version 43.alpha

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Major changes in 43.alpha
* Resolving regressions from the GTK 3 to 4 switch:
- Reintroduce clipboard with GTK 4 (António Fernandes)
- Reintroduce Drag’n’Drop with GTK 4 (Corey Berla, António Fernandes)
- Reintroduce emblems independently of file icon (António Fernandes)
- Reintroduce filter search tags with GTK 4 (António Fernandes)
- Port audio-video-properties extension to GTK 4 (Corey Berla)
- Restore sidebar features from GTK 3 (Corey Berla)
- Fix other regressions from the GTK 3 to 4 switch (António Fernandes, Noëlle,Óscar Fernández Díaz, Ondrej Holy, Corey Berla, Ákos Horváth, Corey Berla)
* Modernizing view widgets
- Port files grid view mode to GtkGridView (António Fernandes)
- Reimplement files list view mode with GtkColumnView (António Fernandes)
- Add checkerboard background for thumbnails with transparency (Utkarsh Gandhi, António Fernandes)
* Enhancing menus:
- New menu item to open current folder in another application (António Fernandes)
- Add menu item to copy current path to clipboard (Utkarsh Gandhi)
- Redesign zoom controls as icon size controls (António Fernandes)
- Context menu bugfixes (Owen D'Aprile, Ignacy Kuchciński)
- Add context menu item to show Properties in Other Locations (Corey Berla)
- Improve support for context menus on touchscreens
- Show extensions in templates names (Roshan R)
- Show sort menu options in list virw mode (António Fernandes)
- Allow sorting in recent and search (António Fernandes)
* Other enhancements:
- Use better in-app notifications with AdwToast (Christopher Davis)
- Modernize "About" with AdwAboutWindow (Christopher Davis)
- Refine pathbar appearance (Utkarsh Gandhi, António Fernandes)
- Label '/' with the OS name (StarShot)
- Keyboard shortcuts overlay updates (Tero Gusto)
* Miscellaneous bugfixes:
- Search engine bugfixes (Ondrej Holy)
- Floating satus bar bugfixes (Ignacy Kuchciński)
- Fix popover crashes (Corey Berla)
- Allow copying to a ramfs (Alister Sanders)
- Stop computing remote folders item count when didabled (Corey Berla)
- Fix batch rename for files with the same name in search results (Corey Berla)
- Don't trigger keyboard shortcuts ouside their intended scope (Vanadiae)
* Maintenance work
- Adapt to thumbnails API changes (Michael Catanzaro)
- Depend on libportal and drop wallpaper fallback setting (Jeremy Bicha, António Fernandes)
- Modernize build with new meson features (Maximiliano)
- Bump extensions library version (António Fernandes)
* Translation updates (GNOME Translation Project contributors)
Leftover known regressions in 43.alpha
- Lacks HiDPI icons
- Lacks attention-grabbing animation on operations button
Major changes in 42.alpha
* Improve design of the file renaming UI (Peter Eisenmann, Allan Day)
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<url type="translate"></url>
<launchable type="desktop-id">@appid@.desktop</launchable>
<release version="42.alpha" date="2022-01-09" />
<release version="43.alpha" date="2022-07-09" />
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