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Release version 42.alpha

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Major changes in 42.alpha
* Improve design of the file renaming UI (Peter Eisenmann, Allan Day)
* Improve visuals of the file conflict UI (Joshua Lee)
* Use GtkBuilder UI definitions for more components (António Fernandes, Apoorv Sachan)
* Fix "Move to"/"Copy to" from Starred (DillyPickly)
* Improve disposition of shell search provider (Marco Trevisan)
* Sort by subtype within type (rajat jain)
* Allow searching by creation time (Nishit Patel)
* Replace deprecated gexiv2 functions (Nishal Kulkarni)
* Fix extension API introspection annotations (Aaron Jacobs)
* Expand on extension API documentation (Aaron Jacobs)
* Add compressed archives to Recent files (Manny)
* Preparations for GTK 4 switch (Ernestas Kulik, António Fernandes, Matt Jakeman, Álvaro Costa, Suhaas Joshi)
* Complete the GtkFlowBox-based grid view (António Fernandes)
* Remove EelCanvas-based grid view (António Fernandes)
* Improve design of the path bar (António Fernandes)
* Fix geographical coordinates displayed format (Michael von Gunten)
* Port to GTK 4 (António Fernandes)
* Fix some GTK 4 switch regressions/warnings (António Fernandes, Ondrej Holy)
* Translation updates (GNOME Translation Project contributors)
Known major regressions in 42.alpha
- Lacks Drag-and-Drop interatcion
- Lacks clipboard interaction
- Lacks HiDPI icons
- Lacks MIME-type icons in list view
- Has poor performance for large directories in grid view
- Lacks attention-grabbing animation on operations button.
- Doesn't display emblems
- Doesn't display file filters as tags
- Lacks "Format" context menu item in sidebar
- Lacks Audio/Video properties page
Major changes in 41.1
* Cache Scripts and New Document menus to avoid lags (António Fernandes)
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<url type="translate"></url>
<launchable type="desktop-id">@appid@.desktop</launchable>
<release version="41.1" date="2021-10-30" />
<release version="42.alpha" date="2022-01-09" />
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