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Release version 43.beta

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Major changes in 43.beta
* Adapting main window elements to smaller sizes (Christopher Davis);
- Make sidebar foldable.
- Split toolbar contorls into top and bottom toolbars at small sizes.
* Restoring Disks integration (Corey Berla):
- Open storage unit in Disks from Properties.
- Format with Disks from the sidebar context menu.
* Absorbing features from core plug-ins (Corey Brela):
- Provide infobar for Public folder, instead of gnome-user-share
- Provide context menu action to open folders in Console.
- Replace nautilus-send-to extension with Email portal.
* Remodeling plug-ins
- List installed extensions plug-ins in About. (Corey Berla)
- Implement new Properties API and port Image and Audio/Video (António Fernades)
- Remove GTK-dependent API from libnautilus-extension (António Fernandes)
- Bump libnautilus-extension versions.
* Improving search UI design
- Use modern design patterns for type filter chooser (António Fernandes)
- Elaborate FTS snippets and place them in a container (António Fernandes, Alan Day)
* Modernizing Properties window
- Implement new "pages and rows" design (Peter Eisenmann, António Fernandes)
- Move ability to set default app into Open With dialog (António Fernandes, Corey Berla)
* Reorganizing context menus (Allan Day, António Fernandes).
* Refining view visual styles
- Saturate selection colors (Allan Day, Alexander Mikhay)
- Add icon shadows (Jakub Steiner)
- Refine layout of column editor dialog. (Allan Day, António Fernandes)
* Using more modern widgetry
- Use AdwTabBar for detatchable tabs (Alexander Mikhaylenko, António Fernandes, Christopher Davis)
- Use AdwEmptyState for empty folder views (Christopher Davis, António Fernandes).
- Use AdwMessageDialog instead of GtkMessage. (Christopher Davis, Ondrej Holy)
* Resolving regressions from the GTK 3 to 4 switch:
- Restore Accessibility relations (Corey Berla).
- Restore location entry suggestions (Corey Berla).
- Restore libcloudproviders integration (Ondrej Holy)
* Opening new tab with middle click on next and forward buttons (Corey Berla)
* Miscellaneous bugfixes (multiple contributos)
* Translation updates (GNOME Translation Project contributors)
Leftover known regressions in 43.beta
- Lacks HiDPI icons
- Lacks attention-grabbing animation on operations button
Major changes in 43.alpha
* Resolving regressions from the GTK 3 to 4 switch:
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
<url type="translate"></url>
<launchable type="desktop-id">@appid@.desktop</launchable>
<release version="43.alpha" date="2022-07-09" />
<release version="43.beta" date="2022-08-07" />
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