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GNOME Tweaks 45.0

GNOME Tweaks 45.0 is meant to run alongside GNOME 45.0. This release removes several
features now found in GNOME Settings. There are also some small interface
refreshments in preparation for the GTK4 upgrade. More significantly, the core interface
has been refactored to use layout files.

Thank you to the many translators who have been contributing to Tweaks over the past year,
I know for many of these contributions this release is overdue.

* Contributions:
  - !91 Remove Pointer Location Tweak (Fernando Monteiro)
  - !105 Remove Mouse Acceleration Profiles (Hari Rana)
  - !110 Remove overamplification option (Automeris naranja)
  - Translation updates

* Issues closed:
  - #404 Remove lock screen wallpaper option (Anthony Ryan)
  - #425 Remove the over-amplification option (sunflowerskater)
  - #447 Remove top bar tweak panel (Fernando Monteiro)

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 2b41744c691b26120b28ba8d01f8d5610066bb08f9ec959c041ae9e2ecca117f9a04ba9879a4ae7dc19c235240553148cd365b682e8d7520ecb65f5a09e1acbc