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GNOME Tweaks 42.0

Firstly, you may be confused by this release number. GNOME Tweaks had no changes between
beta and release so no release was done. There were also no new releases targeting
GNOME 43 or GNOME 44.

GNOME Tweaks 42.0 is meant to run alongside GNOME 42 through GNOME 44. This release is
focused on officially releasing the translations backlog but does remove one broken
setting (lock screen wallpapers) which has been broken since 3.36.

Thank you to the many translators who have been contributing to Tweaks over the past year,
I know for many of these contributions this release is overdue.

* Issues closed:
  - #404 Remove lock screen wallpaper option (Anthony Ryan)

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 7ae3855c05e6f82bbead8c4e56ed84a0d6b4cc0e7a5a92c4701dc5f7e6dfc23983bcd9a99b681496e9ba5ab616731a1a1aea9fafb034371aef4d563bcb5408b6