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    • Simon McVittie's avatar
      build: Target a specific GLib API version · 0ebef223
      Simon McVittie authored
      Since GLib 2.32 (2012), setting GLIB_VERSION_MIN_REQUIRED selects the
      minimum required version of GLib for this project. Code that was
      deprecated after that version will not cause deprecation warnings, and
      where header files have changed their compile-time behaviour over time,
      the behaviour that was seen in the selected version will be used where
      possible. pan officially only requires GLib 2.17 if D-Bus is not enabled,
      but 2.26 is required for D-Bus and is also the oldest version for which
      version macros are provided, so behave as though that is the minimum.
      In particular, this disables new C++ behaviour introduced in GLib 2.68,
      which caused this project to fail to build.
      Similarly, setting GLIB_VERSION_MAX_ALLOWED causes GLib to emit warnings
      if a function introduced after the selected version is used, even inside
      a GLIB_CHECK_VERSION guard. The newest GLIB_CHECK_VERSION in pan seems
      to be for GLib 2.36 (2013), so use that.
      Resolves: #128
      Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <smcv@debian.org>
    • Dominique Dumont's avatar
      fix (configure.ac): update GETTEXT version · 6afcdb82
      Dominique Dumont authored
      to avoid this error:
      *** error: gettext infrastructure mismatch: using a Makefile.in.in from gettext version 0.19 but the autoconf macros are from gettext version 0.20
      My Debian unstable has version 0.21, so let's try this on ubuntu...
    • Dominique Dumont's avatar
      fix (gitlab ci): use libenchant-2-dev · 3d6f401d
      Dominique Dumont authored
      libenchant-dev is no longer available
    • Dominique Dumont's avatar
    • Rhialto The Marvellous's avatar
      Adjust packages to install in CI. · 3e2cc1bb
      Rhialto The Marvellous authored
      libgmime-3.0-dev instead of 2.6, since that is no longer available for
      Ubuntu Groovy (20.10).
    • Simon McVittie's avatar
      Move more header inclusions outside extern "C" · 7e105912
      Simon McVittie authored
      GLib/GObject/GIO, GTK, GMime, Enchant, Zlib and the bundled uulib
      library are all well-behaved/C++-friendly C libraries that provide
      extern "C" wrappers in their header files, either directly or via
      GLib's G_BEGIN_DECLS/G_END_DECLS macros. As a result, there is no need
      to wrap their header inclusions in a redundant extern "C" block.
      The redundant extern "C" can be harmful in some cases, where an otherwise
      C-based library detects that its headers are being compiled as C++ via
      the __cplusplus macro and changes its compile-time behaviour accordingly.
      In particular, GLib 2.68 uses C++ features to implement the glib_typeof
      macro where available, so that it can make macros like g_object_ref()
      more type-safe. This results in GLib headers failing to compile when
      wrapped in a redundant extern "C" block.
      On glibc-based systems (and probably every other reasonable Unix
      implementation), the Standard C library headers also do not require
      wrapping in an extern "C" block, but it might be the case that there
      are older Unix systems where the extern "C" block is required. I have
      not moved those header inclusions outside extern "C" in this commit,
      although perhaps they should be.
      Resolves: GNOME/pan#128
      Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <smcv@debian.org>
    • Rhialto The Marvellous's avatar
      Take <glib.h> out of extern "C" · 52b299e5
      Rhialto The Marvellous authored
      and do the same for other <glib/*.h> files.
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    • Jonathan Briggs's avatar
      Use an int instead of a char · 7f59091d
      Jonathan Briggs authored
      The C character IO functions use an int for most operations, so
      the type should be int for fgetc.
      And the variable 'c' is reused to store the strlen() result.
      Using a char type for strlen resulted in negative values whenever
      a header line was longer than 127 bytes.
      Here is a sample header line that caused problems:
      x-microsoft-antispam-message-info: aybxZFQCLkTSg3dcgJ5/htFKWNjG+YSDDv+nSqJhvcMwb2hnzVKN1KQn0G0vxYRF7D1aWmkCcHUBLLWq/szFtrbKQ3BvDyr8nRMpr8jVkfWPpXt2np7eZDBBm4pU/TvGa+D8n+YUALZRs+9JliL3TzP8d2LRFDWhGKAQXl/FXwpzBq8mv+hxIiUYBHn0IxdJA1gJIxAZms1tqzec9XLV8sLrPDL0Hu2rHnGbCJLIphSC0abIOH1VTEEdzkbXhS8aSk6636GkCI1f2fN9PVNMj9uWzfIM1gSOeJyro6lQxREwwLMqnLGsf44OEKsqfCsh3yrOixdSBMWx09f3xJVgQBQOovwLCF7INvX6Oexzd8eA8YoHGp/01qVP4cPdd7W2TbxFlK8nMFmjuXdCyw/4If+dJu+uKpMQ2vh69jR7XWg=
      After that, 'c' was negative and resulted in reads and writes into
      unallocated memory and finally a segmentation fault.
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