1. 27 Mar, 2018 1 commit
  2. 20 Mar, 2010 1 commit
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      Drop ReadOnly* collection classes · 98602e20
      Jürg Billeter authored
      They are not very useful in the compiler as they are not immutable,
      which means that they do not allow iteration while modifying the
      underlying collection.
  3. 12 Oct, 2009 1 commit
  4. 28 Jul, 2009 1 commit
  5. 24 Nov, 2008 1 commit
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      Add g_array_index binding and fix g_array_free calls, fixes bug 519978 · e081f705
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2008-11-24  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* ccode/valaccodefunctioncall.vala:
      	* gobject/valaccodearraymodule.vala:
      	* gobject/valaccodebasemodule.vala:
      	* gobject/valaccodemethodcallmodule.vala:
      	* vala/valasemanticanalyzer.vala:
      	* vapi/glib-2.0.vapi:
      	Add g_array_index binding and fix g_array_free calls,
      	fixes bug 519978
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=2061
  6. 13 Apr, 2008 3 commits
  7. 07 Sep, 2007 1 commit
  8. 27 Jul, 2007 1 commit
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      add internal copy of libgee and use Gee.ArrayList, Gee.HashMap, and · 5a32f9e2
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2007-07-27  Juerg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* Makefile.am, README, configure.ac, gee/Makefile.am,
      	  gee/arraylist.vala, gee/collection.vala, gee/hashmap.vala,
      	  gee/hashset.vala, gee/iterable.vala, gee/iterator.vala, gee/list.vala,
      	  gee/map.vala, gee/readonlycollection.vala, gee/readonlylist.vala,
      	  gee/readonlymap.vala, gee/readonlyset.vala, gee/set.vala,
      	  vala/Makefile.am, vala/parser.y, vala/valaarray.vala,
      	  vala/valaarraycreationexpression.vala, vala/valaattribute.vala,
      	  vala/valablock.vala, vala/valacallback.vala, vala/valaclass.vala,
      	  vala/valacodecontext.vala, vala/valacodenode.vala,
      	  vala/valadatatype.vala, vala/valaelementaccess.vala,
      	  vala/valaenum.vala, vala/valaexpression.vala, vala/valafield.vala,
      	  vala/valaformalparameter.vala, vala/valaforstatement.vala,
      	  vala/valainitializerlist.vala, vala/valainstancecast.vala,
      	  vala/valainterface.vala, vala/valainterfacewriter.vala,
      	  vala/valainvocationexpression.vala, vala/valainvokable.vala,
      	  vala/valalocalvariabledeclaration.vala, vala/valamember.vala,
      	  vala/valamemberaccess.vala, vala/valamemorymanager.vala,
      	  vala/valamethod.vala, vala/valanamespace.vala,
      	  vala/valaobjectcreationexpression.vala, vala/valapointer.vala,
      	  vala/valascope.vala, vala/valasemanticanalyzer.vala,
      	  vala/valasignal.vala, vala/valasourcefile.vala,
      	  vala/valasourcefilecycle.vala, vala/valastruct.vala,
      	  vala/valaswitchsection.vala, vala/valaswitchstatement.vala,
      	  vala/valasymbol.vala, vala/valasymbolresolver.vala,
      	  vala/valatrystatement.vala, vala/valatypeparameter.vala,
      	  vala/valatypereference.vala, vala/valavariabledeclarator.vala,
      	  ccode/Makefile.am, ccode/valaccodeblock.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodecommaexpression.vala, ccode/valaccodedeclaration.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeenum.vala, ccode/valaccodeforstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodefragment.vala, ccode/valaccodefunction.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeinitializerlist.vala, ccode/valaccodestruct.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeswitchstatement.vala, gobject/Makefile.am,
      	  gobject/valainterfaceregisterfunction.vala, compiler/Makefile.am,
      	  vapi/gio-standalone.vala, vapi/gstreamer-0.10.vala,
      	  vapi/gtk+-2.0.vala, vapigen/Makefile.am, vapigen/valagidlparser.vala:
      	  add internal copy of libgee and use Gee.ArrayList, Gee.HashMap, and
      	  Gee.HashSet instead of GLib.List and GLib.HashTable
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=406
  9. 11 Jul, 2007 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      add substring method to the string type test substring method · 85a9aab7
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2007-07-11  Juerg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* ccode/valaccodefunctioncall.vala, gobject/valacodegenerator.vala,
      	  vapi/glib-2.0.vala: add substring method to the string type
      	* tests/test-021.vala, tests/test-021.out: test substring method
      	Fixes bug 443524
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=347
  10. 02 May, 2007 2 commits
  11. 03 Mar, 2007 1 commit
  12. 02 Aug, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      port to construction methods add interface documentation, use implicit · 23e2ba15
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-08-02  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* port to construction methods
      	* vala/valaparenthesizedexpression.vala, vala/valareport.vala,
      	  vala/valareturnstatement.vala, vala/valasourcefilecycle.vala,
      	  vala/valasourcereference.vala, vala/valatypecheck.vala,
      	  vala/valatypeofexpression.vala, vala/valatypeparameter.vala: add
      	  interface documentation, use implicit namespace specification
      	* vala/Makefile.am: sort source file list
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=89
  13. 08 Jul, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      don't allow write access to read-only properties adapt to changes in · 3cf0fef2
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/valasemanticanalyzer.vala: don't allow write access to read-only
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: adapt to changes in CCodeFragment and
      	* vala/valapostfixexpression.vala, ccode/valaccodebinaryexpression.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeblock.vala, ccode/valaccodebreakstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodecommaexpressoin.vala, ccode/valaccodecomment.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeconstant.vala, ccode/valaccodecontinuestatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodedeclaration.vala, ccode/valaccodedeclarator.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeenum.vala, ccode/valaccodeemptystatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeformalparameter.vala, ccode/valaccodeforstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodefragment.vala, ccode/valaccodefunction.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeidentifier.vala, ccode/valaccodeifstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodememberaccess.vala, ccode/valaccodemodifiers.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodenewline.vala, ccode/valaccodeoncesection.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodereturnstatement.vala, ccode/valaccodestatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodestruct.vala, ccode/valaccodeswitchstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodewhilestatement.vala, ccode/valaccodewriter.vala: add
      	  interface documentation, use implicit namespace specification
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=75
  14. 14 Jun, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      set is_lvalue_ref in property declarations use non-null parameter types · f699908b
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-06-14  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/parser.y: set is_lvalue_ref in property declarations
      	* vala/valacodecontext.vala: use non-null parameter types
      	* vala/valasymbolresolver.vala: fix lookup in namespaces of using
      	  directives, reset is_lvalue_ref where appropriate
      	* vala/valasemanticanalyzer.vala: use non-null parameter types,
      	  correctly set is_ref and is_lvalue_ref in variable declarators
      	* vala/valamemorymanager.vala: support methods which transfer ownership
      	  of arguments and or return value, analyze assignments
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: add missing reference increment calls,
      	  small memory management improvements
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: use non-null parameter types
      	* vala/valaexpression.vala: add ref_missing
      	* vala/valastruct.vala: support ref_function attribute, use non-null
      	  parameter types
      	* vala/valatype.vala: let get_upper_case_cname return ref string
      	* vala/valatypereference.vala: add copy method
      	* ccode/valaccodeconditionalexpression.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodefunctioncall.vala: use non-null parameter types
      	* ccode/Makefile.am: update
      	* compiler/valacompiler.vala: process attributes before resolving
      	  symbols to have reference_type information available in resolver
      	* vapi/glib-2.0.vala: add ref_function attributes to string and List,
      	  use ref parameters in List and HashTable until the compiler can handle
      	  it correctly
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=44
  15. 18 May, 2006 1 commit
  16. 16 May, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      fix multi-line comments basic statement and expression handling support · 4389522e
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-16  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/scanner.l: fix multi-line comments
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: basic statement and expression handling
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: support variable declaration
      	* vala/valasymbolbuilder.vala: adapt to visitor changes
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: remove members already available in Struct
      	* vala/valacodenode.vala: add ccodenode field
      	* vala/valadeclarationstatement.vala: visit declaration
      	* vala/valaexpressionstatement.vala: visit code containers after child
      	* vala/valalocalvariabledeclaration.vala: add accept method
      	* vala/valamethod.vala: add begin and end visit events
      	* vala/valanamespace.vala: add lower_case_cprefix
      	* vala/valastruct.vala: define get_upper_case_cname method
      	* vala/valatype.vala: declare get_upper_case_cname method
      	* vala/valatypereference.vala: add get_upper_case_cname method
      	* vala/valavariabledeclarator.vala: add accept method
      	* ccode/valaccodewriter.vala: formatting fixes
      	* ccode/valaccodeassignment.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodebinaryexpression.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeblock.vala: use CCodeStatement
      	* ccode/valaccodeconstant.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodedeclarationstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeemptystatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeexpression.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeexpressionstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeforstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodefunction.vala: formatting fixes
      	* ccode/valaccodefunctioncall.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeidentifier.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeifstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodereturnstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodestatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodestruct.vala: formatting fixes
      	* ccode/valaccodevariabledeclarator.vala
      	* bindings/GLib.vala: extend string types
      	* valac/context.c: resolve types in named argument list in object
      	  creation expression
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=20
  17. 15 May, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      support assign operators support assign operators and attributes visitor · 23a4afab
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-15  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/scanner.l: support assign operators
      	* vala/parser.y: support assign operators and attributes
      	* vala/valaattributeprocessor.vala: visitor to process compiler
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: support structs, enums, and methods
      	* vala/valacodenode.vala: support attributes
      	* vala/valaattribute.vala
      	* vala/valamemberaccessibility.vala
      	* vala/valamethod.vala
      	* vala/valastruct.vala: support CCode (cname) attribute
      	* vala/vala.h: update
      	* compiler/valacompiler.vala: invoke AttributeProcessor
      	* ccode/valaccodeblock.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeenum.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodemethod.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodemodifiers.vala
      	* bindings/GLib.vala: add string cmp method
      	* valac/scanner.l: support BITWISE_AND
      	* valac/parser.y: support bitwise and
      	* valac/context.h: add bitwise and
      	* valac/generator.c: support enum dependencies and bitwise and
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=16
  18. 14 May, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      support OPEN_CAST_PARENS, IS, WHILE support structs, enums, and fields, · 78d5467a
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-14  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/scanner.l: support OPEN_CAST_PARENS, IS, WHILE
      	* vala/parser.y: support structs, enums, and fields, cast, postfix,
      	  while, ref types, and generic type parameters; fix comments
      	* vala/valacodecontext.vala: add root symbol
      	* vala/valasourcefile.vala: add using directives, c filenames
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: add begin and end visits for some container
      	  types, add struct, enum, field, type parameter, namespace reference,
      	  and type reference visits
      	* vala/valaparser.vala: adapt to visitor changes
      	* vala/valasymbolbiulder.vala: visitor to fill symbol table
      	* vala/valasymbolresolver.vala: visitor to resolve symbol references
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: add beginning of code generation
      	* vala/valacodenode.vala: add symbol reference
      	* vala/valacastexpression.vala
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: derive from struct
      	* vala/valaenum.vala
      	* vala/valaexpression.vala: add static_type, field_reference, and
      	  method_reference fields
      	* vala/valafield.vala
      	* vala/valamemberaccess.vala
      	* vala/valanamespace.vala: add structs, enums, and fields
      	* vala/valanamespacereference.vala
      	* vala/valapostfixexpression.vala
      	* vala/valasourcereference.vala: adapt to comment changes
      	* vala/valastringliteral.vala: add eval method
      	* vala/valastruct.vala
      	* vala/valasymbol.vala
      	* vala/valatype.vala
      	* vala/valatypeparameter.vala: 
      	* vala/valatypereference.vala: add type, type_parameter, is_ref, and
      	  is_out fields, add get_cname method
      	* vala/valavariabledeclarator.vala: add name and initializer fields
      	* vala/valawhilestatement.vala: 
      	* vala/vala.h: update
      	* compiler/valacompiler.vala: run SymbolBuilder and SymbolResolver
      	* ccode/valaccodewriter.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodecomment.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodefragment.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodenode.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodestruct.vala
      	* bindings/GLib.vala: add/extend ustring, Path, Object, File, HashTable
      	* valac/scanner.l: support OPEN_CAST_PARENS, OP_AND, OP_OR, IS, WHILE
      	* valac/parser.y: support cast, while, include_filename ccode attribute,
      	  AND and OR expressions, IS type checks, unary minus
      	* valac/context.h: add while statements, cast and IS expressions, and
      	  AND and OR operators
      	* valac/context.c: support cast, IS, while; fix if
      	* valac/generator.c: support cast, IS, pointer arithmetic, namespace
      	  methods, imported include files
      	* valac/driver.c: add symbol alias
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=15
  19. 07 May, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      tokenizer for new vala compiler parser vor new vala compiler · 04ad6ba4
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-07  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/scanner.l: tokenizer for new vala compiler
      	* vala/parser.y: parser vor new vala compiler
      	* vala/valablock.vala
      	* vala/valabooleanliteral.vala
      	* vala/valacharacterliteral.vala
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: add methods
      	* vala/valadeclarationstatement.vala
      	* vala/valaemptystatement.vala
      	* vala/valaexpression.vala
      	* vala/valaexpressionstatement.vala
      	* vala/valaforeachstatement.vala
      	* vala/valaforstatement.vala
      	* vala/valaifstatement.vala
      	* vala/valaintegerliteral.vala
      	* vala/valainvocationexpression.vala
      	* vala/valaliteral.vala
      	* vala/valaliteralexpression.vala
      	* vala/valalocalvariabledeclaration.vala
      	* vala/valamethod.vala
      	* vala/valanamedargument.vala
      	* vala/valanullliteral.vala
      	* vala/valaobjectcreationexpression.vala
      	* vala/valaparenthesizedexpression.vala
      	* vala/valareturnstatement.vala
      	* vala/valasimplename.vala
      	* vala/valastatement.vala
      	* vala/valastringliteral.vala
      	* vala/valatypereference.vala
      	* vala/valaunaryexpression.vala
      	* vala/valavariabledeclarator.vala
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: add visit_method skeleton
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: do.
      	* vala/vala.h: include generated header files
      	* valac/generator.c: support bool and enum properties, support enums
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=14
  20. 06 May, 2006 1 commit
    • Jürg Billeter's avatar
      vala/valacodecontext.vala vala/valasourcefile.vala filename, line, and · e4904cce
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-06  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/valacodecontext.vala
      	* vala/valasourcefile.vala
      	* vala/valasourcereference.vala: filename, line, and comment container
      	* vala/valacodenode.vala: abstract code node
      	* vala/valanamespace.vala: namespace node
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: class node
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: abstract syntax tree visitor
      	* vala/valaparser.vala: vala parser
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: code generator skeleton
      	* compiler/valacompiler.vala: compiler driver
      	* bindings/GLib.vala: add bindings for GList and GOptionContext
      	* valac/scanner.l: support multi-line comments, ABSTRACT, INTERFACE,
      	* valac/parser.y: replace AT by HASH, support readonly fields
      	* valac/context.h: small fixes
      	* valac/context.c: small fixes
      	* valac/generator.c: fix override methods, basic support for properties
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=13