Commit f3d13ae2 authored by Klaus Kurzmann's avatar Klaus Kurzmann Committed by Dr. Mickey Lauer

libnl-3.0: add bindings

parent d2ce0354
......@@ -155,6 +155,8 @@ dist_vapi_DATA = \
libnl-1.vapi \
libnl-2.0.deps \
libnl-2.0.vapi \
libnl-3.0.deps \
libnl-3.0.vapi \
libnotify.deps \
libnotify.vapi \
liboobs-1.vapi \
* libnl-3.0.vapi
* Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Michael 'Mickey' Lauer <>
* Copyright (C) 2011 Klaus Kurzmann <>
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
* version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* Lesser General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
[CCode (lower_case_cprefix = "nl_", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
namespace Netlink {
[CCode (cname = "nl_geterror", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public static unowned string strerror( int number );
[CCode (instance_pos = -1)]
public delegate void CallbackFunc (Object obj);
[CCode (cname = "nl_recmsg_msg_cb_t", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h", instance_pos = -1)]
public delegate int MessageCallbackFunc (Message msg);
[CCode (cprefix = "rtnl_addr_", cname = "struct nl_addr", free_function = "", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class Address : Object {
[CCode (cname = "nl_addr_alloc")]
public Address();
public void put();
public int build_add_request (int a, out Message m);
public int build_delete_request (int a, out Message m);
public int set_label (string label);
public string get_label ();
public void set_family (int family);
public int get_family ();
public Netlink.Address? get_local();
public Netlink.Address? get_peer();
public Netlink.Address? get_broadcast();
public Netlink.Address? get_anycast();
public Netlink.Address? get_multicast();
public void set_prefixlen (int len);
public int get_prefixlen ();
public int get_ifindex();
public int get_scope();
public void set_flags (int flags);
public void unset_flags (int flags);
public int get_flags ();
[CCode (cname = "nl_addr_get_len")]
public int get_len();
[CCode (cname = "nl_addr_get_binary_addr")]
public void* get_binary_addr();
[CCode (cname = "nl_addr2str")]
public unowned string to_stringbuf(char[] buf);
public string to_string() {
char[] buf = new char[256];
return to_stringbuf( buf );
[CCode (cprefix = "nla_", cname = "struct nlattr", free_function = "", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class Attribute {
public static int attr_size (int payload);
public static int total_size (int payload);
public static int padlen (int payload);
public int type();
public void* data();
public int len();
public int ok (int remaining);
public Attribute next (out int remaining);
public static int parse (Attribute[] attributes, Attribute head, int len, AttributePolicy? policy = null);
public int validate (int len, int maxtype, AttributePolicy? policy = null);
public Attribute find (int len, int attrtype);
[CCode (cname = "struct nla_policy", free_function = "")]
public class AttributePolicy {
[CCode (cname = "")]
public AttributePolicy( AttributeType type = AttributeType.UNSPEC, uint16 minlen = 0, uint16 maxlen = 65535 )
this.type = type;
this.minlen = minlen;
this.maxlen = maxlen;
public uint16 type;
public uint16 minlen;
public uint16 maxlen;
[CCode (cprefix = "NLA_", cname = "int", cheader_filename = "netlink/attr.h")]
public enum AttributeType {
UNSPEC, /**< Unspecified type, binary data chunk */
U8, /**< 8 bit integer */
U16, /**< 16 bit integer */
U32, /**< 32 bit integer */
U64, /**< 64 bit integer */
STRING, /**< NUL terminated character string */
FLAG, /**< Flag */
MSECS, /**< Micro seconds (64bit) */
NESTED, /**< Nested attributes */
[CCode (cprefix = "rtnl_addr_", cname = "struct rtnl_addr", free_function = "", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/addr.h")]
public class RouteAddress : Address {
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_addr_alloc")]
public RouteAddress();
public void set_ifindex (int index );
public int get_ifindex ();
public void set_scope (int scope);
public int get_scope ();
public unowned Address get_local();
[CCode (cprefix = "nl_cache_", cname = "struct nl_cache", free_function = "nl_cache_free", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class Cache {
public static int alloc_name (string name, out Cache c);
public void @foreach (CallbackFunc cb);
public void foreach_filter (Object obj, CallbackFunc cb);
public void mngt_provide();
public void mngt_unprovide();
[CCode (cprefix = "nl_cb_", cname = "struct nl_cb", free_function = "", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class Callback {
[CCode (cname = "nl_cb_alloc")]
public Callback (CallbackKind kind = CallbackKind.DEFAULT);
[CCode (cname = "nl_cb_set")]
public int @set (CallbackType type, CallbackKind kind, MessageCallbackFunc func);
[CCode (cname = "nl_cb_set_all")]
public int set_all (CallbackKind kind, MessageCallbackFunc func);
[CCode (cname = "enum nl_cb_action", cprefix = "NL_", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public enum CallbackAction {
OK, // Proceed with whatever comes next.
SKIP, // Skip this message.
STOP, // Stop parsing altogether and discard remaining messages.
[CCode (cname = "enum nl_cb_kind", cprefix = "NL_CB_", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public enum CallbackKind {
DEFAULT, // Default handlers (quiet).
VERBOSE, // Verbose default handlers (error messages printed).
DEBUG, // Debug handlers for debugging.
CUSTOM, // Customized handler specified by the user.
[CCode (cname = "enum nl_cb_type", cprefix = "NL_CB_", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public enum CallbackType {
VALID, // Message is valid.
FINISH, // Last message in a series of multi part messages received.
OVERRUN, // Report received that data was lost.
SKIPPED, // Message wants to be skipped.
ACK, // Message is an acknowledge.
MSG_IN, // Called for every message received.
MSG_OUT, // Called for every message sent out except for nl_sendto().
INVALID, // Message is malformed and invalid.
SEQ_CHECK, // Called instead of internal sequence number checking.
SEND_ACK, // Sending of an acknowledge message has been requested.
[CCode (cprefix = "nl_link_cache_", cname = "struct nl_cache", free_function = "nl_cache_free", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class LinkCache : Cache
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_link_name2i")]
public int name2i (string name);
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_link_i2name")]
public unowned string i2name( int idx, char[] buffer );
[CCode (cprefix = "nl_addr_cache", cname = "struct nl_cache", free_function = "nl_cache_free", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class AddrCache : Cache
[CCode (cprefix = "nl_msg_", cname = "struct nl_msg", free_function = "nl_msg_free", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class Message
public void dump (Posix.FILE file);
public int parse (CallbackFunc func);
[CCode (cname = "nlmsg_hdr")]
public MessageHeader header ();
[CCode (cprefix = "nlmsg_", cname = "struct nlmsghdr", free_function = "", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public class MessageHeader
// field access
public uint32 nlmsg_len;
public uint16 nlmsg_type;
public uint16 nlmsg_flags;
public uint32 nlmsg_seq;
public uint32 nlmsg_pid;
// size calculations
public static int msg_size (int payload);
public static int total_size (int payload);
public static int padlen (int payload);
// payload access
public void* data ();
public int len ();
public void* tail ();
// attribute access
public Attribute attrdata (int hdrlen);
public int attrlen (int hdrlen);
// message parsing
public bool valid_hdr (int hdrlen);
public bool ok (int remaining);
public MessageHeader next (out int remaining);
public int parse (int hdrlen, [CCode (array_length = "false")] out Attribute[] attributes, AttributeType maxtype, AttributePolicy? policy = null);
public Attribute? find_attr (int hdrlen, AttributeType type);
public int validate (int hdrlen, AttributeType maxtype, AttributePolicy policy);
[CCode (cprefix = "nl_socket_", cname = "struct nl_sock", free_function = "nl_socket_free")]
public class Socket {
[CCode (cname = "nl_socket_alloc")]
public Socket();
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_link_alloc_cache")]
public int link_alloc_cache (int family, out LinkCache c);
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_addr_alloc_cache")]
public int addr_alloc_cache (out AddrCache c);
// connection management
[CCode (cname = "nl_close")]
public int close ();
[CCode (cname = "nl_connect")]
public int connect (int family);
// group management
public int add_memberships (int group, ...);
public int add_membership (int group);
public int drop_memberships (int group, ...);
public int drop_membership (int group);
public uint32 get_peer_port ();
public void set_peer_port (uint32 port);
// callback management
public Callback get_cb ();
public void set_cb (Callback cb);
public int modify_cb (CallbackType type, CallbackKind kind, MessageCallbackFunc callback);
// configuration
public int set_buffer_size (int rxbuf, int txbuf);
public int set_passcred (bool on);
public int recv_pktinfo (bool on);
public void disable_seq_check ();
public uint use_seq ();
public void disable_auto_ack ();
public void enable_auto_ack ();
public int get_fd ();
public int set_nonblocking ();
public void enable_msg_peek ();
public void disable_msg_peek ();
// receiving messages
[CCode (cname = "nl_recv")]
public int recv (out Linux.Netlink.SockAddrNl addr, out char[] buf, out Linux.Socket.ucred cred);
[CCode (cname = "nl_recvmsgs")]
public int recvmsgs (Callback cb);
[CCode (cname = "nl_recvmsgs_default")]
public int recvmsgs_default ();
[CCode (cname = "nl_wait_for_ack")]
public int wait_for_ack ();
[CCode (cprefix = "nl_object_", cname = "struct nl_object", free_function = "nl_object_free", cheader_filename = "netlink/object.h")]
public class Object
public uint32 ce_mask;
public unowned string attrs2str (uint32 attrs, char[] buf);
public unowned string attr_list (char[] buf);
public void dump (DumpParams params);
[CCode (cprefix = "NL_DUMP_", cname = "int", cheader_filename = "netlink/types.h")]
public enum DumpType {
LINE, /**< Dump object briefly on one line */
DETAILS, /**< Dump all attributes but no statistics */
STATS, /**< Dump all attributes including statistics */
[CCode (cname = "struct nl_dump_params", free_function = "", cheader_filename = "netlink/types.h")]
public struct DumpParams {
public DumpType dp_type;
public int dp_prefix;
public bool dp_print_index;
public bool dp_dump_msgtype;
public unowned Posix.FILE dp_fd;
public unowned string dp_buf;
public size_t dp_buflen;
[CCode (cprefix = "rtnl_link_", cname = "struct rtnl_link", free_function = "rtnl_link_destroy", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/link.h")]
public class Link
public unowned string get_name();
public Netlink.Address? get_addr();
public Netlink.Address? get_broadcast();
public uint get_flags();
public int get_family();
public uint get_arptype();
public int get_ifindex();
public uint get_mtu();
public uint get_txqlen();
public uint get_weight();
public unowned string? get_qdisc();
[CCode (cprefix = "rtnl_route_", cname = "struct rtnl_route", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/route.h")]
public class Route
public uint32 get_table();
public uint8 get_scope();
public uint8 get_tos();
public uint8 get_protocol();
public uint32 get_priority();
public uint8 get_family();
public Netlink.Address? get_dst();
public Netlink.Address? get_src();
public uint8 get_type();
public uint32 get_flags();
public int get_metric();
public Netlink.Address? get_pref_src();
public int get_iif();
[CCode (cprefix = "rtnl_neigh_", cname = "struct rtnl_neigh", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/neighbour.h")]
public class Neighbour
public int get_state();
public uint get_flags();
public int get_ifindex();
public Netlink.Address? get_lladdr();
public Netlink.Address? get_dst();
public int get_type();
public int get_family();
[CCode (cprefix = "rtnl_rule_", cname = "struct rtnl_rule", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/rule.h")]
public class Rule
public int get_family();
public uint32 get_prio();
public uint32 get_mark();
public uint32 get_mask();
public uint32 get_table();
public uint8 get_dsfield();
public Netlink.Address? get_src();
public Netlink.Address? get_dst();
public uint8 get_action();
public unowned string? get_iif();
public unowned string? get_oif();
public uint32 get_realms();
public uint32 get_goto();
[CCode (cprefix = "rtnl_qdisc_", cname = "struct rtnl_qdisc", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/qdisc.h")]
public class Qdisc
public int get_ifindex();
public uint32 get_handle();
public uint32 get_parent();
public unowned string? get_kind();
public uint64 get_stat();
[CCode (cname = "nl_nlmsgtype2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/msg.h")]
public unowned string msgType2Str( int type, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "nl_af2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/addr.h")]
public unowned string af2Str( int family, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "nl_llproto2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/utils.h")]
public unowned string llproto2Str( uint proto, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_link_flags2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/link.h")]
public unowned string linkFlags2Str( uint flags, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_scope2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/route/rtnl.h")]
public unowned string routeScope2Str( int scope, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "nl_rtntype2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public unowned string routeType2Str( int type, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_addr_flags2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public unowned string addrFlags2Str( int flags, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_neigh_flags2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public unowned string neighFlags2Str( uint flags, char[] buf );
[CCode (cname = "rtnl_neigh_state2str", cheader_filename = "netlink/netlink.h")]
public unowned string neighState2Str( int state, char[] buf );
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