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update for 0.1.7 release

2008-03-02  Juerg Billeter  <>

	* NEWS: update for 0.1.7 release

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2008-03-02 Jürg Billeter <>
* NEWS: update for 0.1.7 release
2008-03-02 Raffaele Sandrini <>
* vapi/bzlib.vapi: clean up bzlib vapi, add licence statement
Vala 0.1.7
* Support private property accessors.
* Support default values for properties.
* Improve support for array length and delegate target parameters.
* Improve delegate and signal handler support.
* Introduce new syntax to declare errordomains.
* Improve exception support.
* Report errors for missing return statements.
* Report warnings for unreachable code.
* Improve support for generic types.
* Support pointer member access and pointer element access.
* Support pointer arithmetic.
* Add --quiet commandline option (Emmanuele Bassi)
* Add WebKit bindings.
* Add JSON-GLib bindings (Ali Sabil)
* Add goocanvas bindings (Roberto Majadas)
* Add hildon-fm-2 bindings (Levi Bard)
* Add taglib bindings (Andreas Brauchli)
* Add libusb bindings (Evan Nemerson)
* Add bzip2 bindings (Maciej Piechotka)
* Updates to the GLib, GTK+, GStreamer, and libsoup bindings.
* Fixes for Windows.
* Many bug fixes.
Vala 0.1.6
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