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update for 0.3.1 release

2008-04-22  Juerg Billeter  <>

	* NEWS: update for 0.3.1 release

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2008-04-22 Jürg Billeter <>
* NEWS: update for 0.3.1 release
2008-04-21 Jürg Billeter <>
* vala/valaparser.vala: support enum value attributes
Vala 0.3.1
* Enable non-null types by default.
* Add --disable-non-null commandline option.
* New handwritten parser.
* Support virtual methods in interfaces.
* Add `dynamic' type modifier for D-Bus client support.
* Add experimental support for writing D-Bus services.
* Don't require `new' operator for structs.
* Warn when using deprecated syntax.
* Add libsexy bindings (Evan Nemerson)
* Updates to the GLib and GTK+ bindings.
* Many bug fixes.
Vala 0.2.0
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