Commit 90b7a26e authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz
parent 049b9b39
......@@ -2598,7 +2598,7 @@ namespace GLib {
public struct IConv {
public static IConv open (string to_codeset, string from_codeset);
[CCode (cname = "g_iconv")]
public uint iconv (out string inbuf, out uint inbytes_left, out string outbuf, out uint outbytes_left);
public size_t iconv ([CCode (array_length = false)] ref char[] inbuf, ref size_t inbytes_left, [CCode (array_length = false)] ref char[] outbuf, ref size_t outbytes_left);
public int close ();
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