Commit 776c1fd7 authored by Ali Sabil's avatar Ali Sabil

cogl-1.0: Replaced the cogl-1.0 bindings with generated ones

parent 71030c22
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/* gl-1.0.vapi generated by vapigen, do not modify. */
[CCode (cprefix = "GL", lower_case_cprefix = "gl_")]
namespace GL {
[CCode (cname="GLbitfield", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[IntegerType (rank = 0)]
public struct bitfield {
[CCode (cname="GLboolean", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
public struct boolean {
[CCode (cname="GLcharARB", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[IntegerType (rank = 0)]
public struct charARB {
[CCode (cname="GLclampf", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[FloatingType (rank = 0)]
public struct clampf {
[CCode (cname="GLenum", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[IntegerType (rank = 0)]
public struct @enum {
[CCode (cname="GLfloat", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[FloatingType (rank = 0)]
public struct @float {
[CCode (cname="GLhandleARB", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[IntegerType (rank = 0)]
public struct handleARB {
[CCode (cname="GLint", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[IntegerType (rank = 0)]
public struct @int {
[CCode (cname="GLsizei", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[IntegerType (rank = 0)]
public struct sizei {
[CCode (cname="GLuint", cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
[IntegerType (rank = 7)]
public struct @uint {
[CCode (cheader_filename = "gl.h")]
public static void InitNames ();
namespace Cogl {
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle")]
public class Bitmap: Handle {
public static bool get_size_from_file (string filename, out int width, out int height);
public static Bitmap new_from_file (string filename) throws GLib.Error;
[CCode (ref_function = "cogl_handle_ref", unref_function = "cogl_handle_unref")]
public class Handle {
[CCode (cname = "cogl_is_material")]
public bool is_material ();
[CCode (cname = "cogl_is_offscreen")]
public bool is_offscreen ();
[CCode (cname = "cogl_is_program")]
public bool is_program ();
[CCode (cname = "cogl_is_shader")]
public bool is_shader ();
[CCode (cname = "cogl_is_texture")]
public bool is_texture ();
[CCode (cname = "cogl_is_vertex_buffer")]
public bool is_vertex_buffer ();
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle", ref_function = "cogl_material_ref", unref_function = "cogl_material_unref")]
public class Material: Handle {
[CCode (type = "CoglHandle*", has_construct_function = false)]
public Material ();
public void get_ambient (out Cogl.Color ambient);
public void get_color (out Cogl.Color color);
public void get_diffuse (out Cogl.Color diffuse);
public void get_emission (out Cogl.Color emission);
public unowned GLib.List<Cogl.MaterialLayer> get_layers ();
public int get_n_layers ();
public float get_shininess ();
public void get_specular (out Cogl.Color specular);
public void remove_layer (int layer_index);
public void set_alpha_test_function (Cogl.MaterialAlphaFunc alpha_func, float alpha_reference);
public void set_ambient (Cogl.Color ambient);
public void set_ambient_and_diffuse (Cogl.Color color);
public bool set_blend (string blend_string) throws Cogl.BlendStringError;
public void set_blend_constant (Cogl.Color constant_color);
public void set_color (Cogl.Color color);
public void set_color4f (float red, float green, float blue, float alpha);
public void set_color4ub (uchar red, uchar green, uchar blue, uchar alpha);
public void set_diffuse (Cogl.Color diffuse);
public void set_emission (Cogl.Color emission);
public void set_layer (int layer_index, Cogl.Texture texture);
public bool set_layer_combine (int layer_index, string blend_string) throws BlendStringError;
public void set_layer_combine_constant (int layer_index, Cogl.Color constant);
public void set_layer_filters (int layer_index, Cogl.MaterialFilter min_filter, Cogl.MaterialFilter mag_filter);
public void set_layer_matrix (int layer_index, Cogl.Matrix matrix);
public void set_shininess (float shininess);
public void set_specular (Cogl.Color specular);
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle")]
public class MaterialLayer: Handle {
public Cogl.MaterialFilter get_mag_filter ();
public Cogl.MaterialFilter get_min_filter ();
public unowned Cogl.Texture? get_texture ();
public Cogl.MaterialLayerType get_type ();
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle", ref_function = "cogl_offscreen_ref", unref_function = "cogl_offscreen_unref")]
public class Offscreen: Handle {
[CCode (cname = "cogl_offscreen_new_to_texture", type = "CoglHandle*", has_construct_function = false)]
public Offscreen.to_texture (Cogl.Texture handle);
[CCode (instance_pos = -1)]
public void set_draw_buffer (Cogl.BufferTarget target);
[CCode (cname = "cogl_pop_draw_buffer")]
public static void pop_draw_buffer ();
[CCode (cname = "cogl_push_draw_buffer")]
public static void push_draw_buffer ();
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle", ref_function = "cogl_program_ref", unref_function = "cogl_program_unref")]
public class Program: Handle {
[CCode (cname = "cogl_create_program", type = "CoglHandle*", has_construct_function = false)]
public Program ();
public void attach_shader (Cogl.Shader shader_handle);
public int get_uniform_location (string uniform_name);
public void link ();
public static void uniform_1f (int uniform_no, float value);
public static void uniform_1i (int uniform_no, int value);
public static void uniform_float (int uniform_no, int size, [CCode (array_length_pos = 2.9)] float[] value);
public static void uniform_int (int uniform_no, int size, [CCode (array_length_pos = 2.9)] int[] value);
public static void uniform_matrix (int uniform_no, int size, bool transpose, [CCode (array_length_pos = 2.9)] float[] value);
public void use ();
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle", ref_function = "cogl_shader_ref", unref_function = "cogl_shader_unref")]
public class Shader: Handle {
[CCode (cname = "cogl_create_shader", type = "CoglHandle*", has_construct_function = false)]
public Shader (Cogl.ShaderType shader_type);
public void compile ();
public string get_info_log ();
public Cogl.ShaderType get_type ();
public bool is_compiled ();
public void source (string source);
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle", ref_function = "cogl_texture_ref", unref_function = "cogl_texture_unref")]
public class Texture: Handle {
public int get_data (Cogl.PixelFormat format, uint rowstride, uchar[] data);
public Cogl.PixelFormat get_format ();
public uint get_height ();
public int get_max_waste ();
public uint get_rowstride ();
public uint get_width ();
public bool is_sliced ();
public Texture.from_bitmap (Cogl.Bitmap bmp_handle, Cogl.TextureFlags flags, Cogl.PixelFormat internal_format);
public Texture.from_data (uint width, uint height, Cogl.TextureFlags flags, Cogl.PixelFormat format, Cogl.PixelFormat internal_format, uint rowstride, uchar[] data);
public Texture.from_file (string filename, Cogl.TextureFlags flags, Cogl.PixelFormat internal_format) throws GLib.Error;
public Texture.with_size (uint width, uint height, Cogl.TextureFlags flags, Cogl.PixelFormat internal_format);
public bool set_region (int src_x, int src_y, int dst_x, int dst_y, uint dst_width, uint dst_height, int width, int height, Cogl.PixelFormat format, uint rowstride, uchar[] data);
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle", ref_function = "cogl_vertex_buffer_ref", unref_function = "cogl_vertex_buffer_unref")]
public class VertexBuffer: Handle {
[CCode (type = "CoglHandle*", has_construct_function = false)]
public VertexBuffer (uint n_vertices);
public void add (string attribute_name, uchar n_components, Cogl.AttributeType type, bool normalized, uint16 stride, void* pointer);
public void delete (string attribute_name);
public void disable (string attribute_name);
public void draw (Cogl.VerticesMode mode, int first, int count);
public void draw_elements (Cogl.VerticesMode mode, VertexBufferIndices indices, int min_index, int max_index, int indices_offset, int count);
public void enable (string attribute_name);
public uint get_n_vertices ();
public void submit ();
[CCode (cname = "CoglHandle")]
public class VertexBufferIndices: Handle {
public VertexBufferIndices (Cogl.IndicesType indices_type, void* indices_array, int indices_len);
public static unowned Cogl.VertexBufferIndices get_for_quads (uint n_indices);
public Cogl.IndicesType get_type ();
[CCode (type_id = "COGL_TYPE_MATRIX", cheader_filename = "cogl/cogl.h")]
public struct Matrix {
[CCode (cname = "cogl_matrix_init_from_array", array_length = false, array_null_terminated = false)]
public Matrix.from_array (float[] array);
[CCode (cname = "cogl_matrix_init_identity")]
public Matrix.identity ();
[CCode (cname = "cogl_matrix_multiply")]
public Matrix.multiply (Cogl.Matrix a, Cogl.Matrix b);
This diff is collapsed.
Cogl cheader_filename="cogl/cogl.h"
COGLint name="long"
GLint name="long"
COGLenum name="long"
GLenum name="long"
GLfloat name="float"
GLuint name="ulong"
GLvoid name="void"
GLsizei name="size_t"
CoglAngle is_value_type="1"
CoglBlendStringError errordomain="1"
cogl_blend_string_error_quark hidden="1"
cogl_bitmap_get_size_from_file hidden="1"
cogl_bitmap_new_from_file hidden="1"
CoglColor is_value_type="1" free_function="cogl_color_free"
cogl_color_free hidden="1"
cogl_create_program hidden="1"
cogl_create_shader hidden="1"
CoglFixed is_value_type="1"
cogl_is_material hidden="1"
cogl_is_offscreen hidden="1"
cogl_is_program hidden="1"
cogl_is_shader hidden="1"
cogl_is_texture hidden="1"
cogl_is_vertex_buffer hidden="1"
CoglMatrix is_value_type="1"
cogl_matrix_get_array is_array="1"
cogl_matrix_multiply hidden="1"
cogl_matrix_init_from_array hidden="1"
cogl_matrix_init_identity hidden="1"
cogl_pop_draw_buffer hidden="1"
cogl_push_draw_buffer hidden="1"
cogl_program_* hidden="1"
cogl_rectangles.verts is_array="1" no_array_length="1"
cogl_rectangles_with_texture_coords.verts is_array="1" no_array_length="1"
cogl_set_draw_buffer hidden="1"
cogl_set_source.material type_name="Material"
cogl_set_source_texture.texture_handle type_name="Texture"
cogl_shader_* hidden="1"
cogl_texture_* hidden="1"
CoglTextureVertex is_value_type="1"
cogl_material_* hidden="1"
cogl_offscreen_* hidden="1"
cogl_vertex_buffer_* hidden="1"
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