Commit 725d48f3 authored by Rico Tzschichholz's avatar Rico Tzschichholz

girparser: Allow changing the type of constants using metadata

See GNOME/vala#643
parent f4a60985
......@@ -3502,12 +3502,22 @@ public class Vala.GirParser : CodeVisitor {
var comment = parse_symbol_doc ();
var type = parse_type ();
bool no_array_length;
bool array_null_terminated;
int array_length_idx;
var type = parse_type (null, out array_length_idx, true, out no_array_length, out array_null_terminated);
type = element_get_type (type, true, ref no_array_length, ref array_null_terminated);
var c = new Constant (, type, null, current.source_reference);
current.symbol = c;
c.access = SymbolAccessibility.PUBLIC;
c.comment = comment;
c.external = true;
if (no_array_length || array_null_terminated) {
c.set_attribute_bool ("CCode", "array_length", !no_array_length);
if (array_null_terminated) {
c.set_attribute_bool ("CCode", "array_null_terminated", true);
pop_node ();
end_element ("constant");
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