Commit 17c74db5 authored by Al Thomas's avatar Al Thomas Committed by Rico Tzschichholz

codegen: Fix warning for source_funcs parameter of g_source_new()

parent df56f916
......@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@ public class Vala.CCodeMethodCallModule : CCodeAssignmentModule {
funcs.add_declarator (new CCodeVariableDeclarator ("_source_funcs", new CCodeConstant ("{ %s_real_prepare, %s_real_check, %s_real_dispatch, %s_finalize}".printf (class_prefix, class_prefix, class_prefix, class_prefix))));
ccode.add_statement (funcs);
ccall.add_argument (new CCodeUnaryExpression (CCodeUnaryOperator.ADDRESS_OF, new CCodeIdentifier ("_source_funcs")));
ccall.add_argument (new CCodeCastExpression (new CCodeUnaryExpression (CCodeUnaryOperator.ADDRESS_OF, new CCodeIdentifier ("_source_funcs")), "GSourceFuncs *"));
var csizeof = new CCodeFunctionCall (new CCodeIdentifier ("sizeof"));
csizeof.add_argument (new CCodeIdentifier (get_ccode_name (current_class)));
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