Commit 04653a91 authored by Rob Taylor's avatar Rob Taylor

Add initial clutter-1.0 vala bindings.

These were generated using gobject-introspection and then manually
corrected, so there may be a number of issues. They are usable right
now, but should be considered a work-in-progress.
parent 6f4c7dec
......@@ -11,6 +11,10 @@ dist_vapi_DATA = \
cairo.vapi \
cairo-xcb.deps \
cairo-xcb.vapi \
clutter-1.0.vapi \
clutter-1.0.deps \
clutter-json-1.0.vapi \
cogl-1.0.vapi \
curses.vapi \
dbus-glib-1.vapi \
enchant.vapi \
......@@ -153,7 +157,7 @@ dist_vapi_DATA = \
x11.vapi \
xcb.vapi \
zlib.vapi \
dist_noinst_DATA = \
config.vapi \
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/* clutter-json-1.0.vapi generated by vapigen, do not modify. */
[CCode (cprefix = "ClutterJson", lower_case_cprefix = "clutter_json_")]
namespace ClutterJson {
[CCode (cname = "JsonGenerator", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public class JsonGenerator : GLib.Object {
public weak GLib.Object parent_instance;
public ClutterJson.JsonGeneratorPrivate priv;
[CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
public JsonGenerator ();
public void set_root (ClutterJson.JsonNode node);
public string to_data (out size_t length);
public bool to_file (string filename) throws GLib.Error;
public uint indent { get; set; }
public bool pretty { get; set; }
[CCode (cname = "JsonParser", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public class JsonParser : GLib.Object {
public weak GLib.Object parent_instance;
public ClutterJson.JsonParserPrivate priv;
public uint get_current_line ();
public uint get_current_pos ();
public ClutterJson.JsonNode get_root ();
public bool load_from_data (string data, ssize_t length) throws GLib.Error;
public bool load_from_file (string filename) throws GLib.Error;
[CCode (has_construct_function = false)]
public JsonParser ();
public virtual signal void array_element (ClutterJson.JsonArray array, int index_);
public virtual signal void array_end (ClutterJson.JsonArray array);
public virtual signal void array_start ();
public virtual signal void error (void* error);
public virtual signal void object_end (ClutterJson.JsonObject object);
public virtual signal void object_member (ClutterJson.JsonObject object, string member_name);
public virtual signal void object_start ();
public virtual signal void parse_end ();
public virtual signal void parse_start ();
[CCode (type_id = "CLUTTER_JSON_TYPE_JSON_ARRAY", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public struct JsonArray {
public void add_array_element (ClutterJson.JsonArray value);
public void add_boolean_element (bool value);
public void add_double_element (double value);
public void add_element (ClutterJson.JsonNode node);
public void add_int_element (int value);
public void add_null_element ();
public void add_object_element (ClutterJson.JsonObject value);
public void add_string_element (string value);
public ClutterJson.JsonNode dup_element (uint index_);
public void foreach_element ([CCode (delegate_target_pos = 0)] ClutterJson.JsonArrayForeach func);
public ClutterJson.JsonArray get_array_element (uint index_);
public bool get_boolean_element (uint index_);
public double get_double_element (uint index_);
public ClutterJson.JsonNode get_element (uint index_);
public GLib.List get_elements ();
public int get_int_element (uint index_);
public uint get_length ();
public bool get_null_element (uint index_);
public ClutterJson.JsonObject get_object_element (uint index_);
public unowned string get_string_element (uint index_);
public ClutterJson.JsonArray @ref ();
public void remove_element (uint index_);
public void unref ();
[CCode (type_id = "CLUTTER_JSON_TYPE_JSON_GENERATOR_PRIVATE", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public struct JsonGeneratorPrivate {
[CCode (type_id = "CLUTTER_JSON_TYPE_JSON_NODE", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public struct JsonNode {
public ClutterJson.JsonNode copy ();
public ClutterJson.JsonArray dup_array ();
public ClutterJson.JsonObject dup_object ();
public string dup_string ();
public void free ();
public ClutterJson.JsonArray get_array ();
public bool get_boolean ();
public double get_double ();
public int get_int ();
public ClutterJson.JsonNodeType get_node_type ();
public ClutterJson.JsonObject get_object ();
public ClutterJson.JsonNode get_parent ();
public unowned string get_string ();
public void get_value (GLib.Value value);
public GLib.Type get_value_type ();
public bool is_null ();
public void set_array (ClutterJson.JsonArray array);
public void set_boolean (bool value);
public void set_double (double value);
public void set_int (int value);
public void set_object (ClutterJson.JsonObject object);
public void set_string (string value);
public void set_value (GLib.Value value);
public void take_array (ClutterJson.JsonArray array);
public void take_object (ClutterJson.JsonObject object);
public unowned string type_name ();
[CCode (type_id = "CLUTTER_JSON_TYPE_JSON_OBJECT", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public struct JsonObject {
public void add_member (string member_name, ClutterJson.JsonNode node);
public ClutterJson.JsonNode dup_member (string member_name);
public void foreach_member ([CCode (delegate_target_pos = 0)] ClutterJson.JsonObjectForeach func);
public ClutterJson.JsonArray get_array_member (string member_name);
public bool get_boolean_member (string member_name);
public double get_double_member (string member_name);
public int get_int_member (string member_name);
public ClutterJson.JsonNode get_member (string member_name);
public GLib.List get_members ();
public bool get_null_member (string member_name);
public ClutterJson.JsonObject get_object_member (string member_name);
public uint get_size ();
public unowned string get_string_member (string member_name);
public GLib.List get_values ();
public bool has_member (string member_name);
public ClutterJson.JsonObject @ref ();
public void remove_member (string member_name);
public void set_array_member (string member_name, ClutterJson.JsonArray value);
public void set_boolean_member (string member_name, bool value);
public void set_double_member (string member_name, double value);
public void set_int_member (string member_name, int value);
public void set_member (string member_name, ClutterJson.JsonNode node);
public void set_null_member (string member_name);
public void set_object_member (string member_name, ClutterJson.JsonObject value);
public void set_string_member (string member_name, string value);
public void unref ();
[CCode (type_id = "CLUTTER_JSON_TYPE_JSON_PARSER_PRIVATE", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public struct JsonParserPrivate {
[CCode (cprefix = "JSON_NODE_", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public enum JsonNodeType {
[CCode (cprefix = "JSON_PARSER_ERROR_", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public enum JsonParserError {
[CCode (cprefix = "JSON_TOKEN_", cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public enum JsonTokenType {
[CCode (cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h", has_target = false)]
public delegate void JsonArrayForeach (ClutterJson.JsonArray array, uint index_, ClutterJson.JsonNode element_node, void* user_data);
[CCode (cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h", has_target = false)]
public delegate void JsonObjectForeach (ClutterJson.JsonObject object, string member_name, ClutterJson.JsonNode member_node, void* user_data);
[CCode (cheader_filename = "clutter/json/json-glib.h")]
public static ClutterJson.JsonArray json_array_sized_new (uint n_elements);
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