1. 02 May, 2007 2 commits
  2. 03 Mar, 2007 1 commit
  3. 02 Aug, 2006 1 commit
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      port to construction methods add interface documentation, use implicit · 23e2ba15
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-08-02  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* port to construction methods
      	* vala/valaparenthesizedexpression.vala, vala/valareport.vala,
      	  vala/valareturnstatement.vala, vala/valasourcefilecycle.vala,
      	  vala/valasourcereference.vala, vala/valatypecheck.vala,
      	  vala/valatypeofexpression.vala, vala/valatypeparameter.vala: add
      	  interface documentation, use implicit namespace specification
      	* vala/Makefile.am: sort source file list
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=89
  4. 08 Jul, 2006 2 commits
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      don't allow write access to read-only properties adapt to changes in · 3cf0fef2
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/valasemanticanalyzer.vala: don't allow write access to read-only
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: adapt to changes in CCodeFragment and
      	* vala/valapostfixexpression.vala, ccode/valaccodebinaryexpression.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeblock.vala, ccode/valaccodebreakstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodecommaexpressoin.vala, ccode/valaccodecomment.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeconstant.vala, ccode/valaccodecontinuestatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodedeclaration.vala, ccode/valaccodedeclarator.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeenum.vala, ccode/valaccodeemptystatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeformalparameter.vala, ccode/valaccodeforstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodefragment.vala, ccode/valaccodefunction.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodeidentifier.vala, ccode/valaccodeifstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodememberaccess.vala, ccode/valaccodemodifiers.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodenewline.vala, ccode/valaccodeoncesection.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodereturnstatement.vala, ccode/valaccodestatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodestruct.vala, ccode/valaccodeswitchstatement.vala,
      	  ccode/valaccodewhilestatement.vala, ccode/valaccodewriter.vala: add
      	  interface documentation, use implicit namespace specification
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=75
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      check method signatures of overriding methods support abstract classes add · 2a1a351c
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-07-08  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/valasemanticanalyzer.vala: check method signatures of overriding
      	* vala/parser.y, vala/valaclassregisterfunction.vala,
      	  vala/valatyperegisterfunction.vala: support abstract classes
      	* vala/valamethod.vala: add equals method
      	* vala/valatypereference.vala: add equals method
      	* corrects overriding methods to match signatures of overridden methods
      	  to fix build with current compiler
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=73
  5. 24 May, 2006 1 commit
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      Compiler is now self-hosting. · 29a1dec5
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-24  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	Compiler is now self-hosting.
      	* vala/parser.y: support type checks, field attributes, and virtual and
      	  override method modifiers
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: support type checks
      	* vala/valasymbolbuilder.vala: correct generated property accessors
      	* vala/valaattributeprocessor.vala: process field attributes
      	* vala/valasemanticanalyzer.vala: support virtual methods and type
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: support properties, private fields,
      	  static fields, virtual methods, field initializers, while statements,
      	  foreach statements, instance last methods, postfix expressions, type
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: correct source reference, add get_properties
      	* vala/valafield.vala: visit initializer, support cname attribute
      	* vala/valamethod.vala: support ReturnsModifiedPointer and InstanceLast
      	  attributes, add is_virtual, is_override, and base_method fields, add
      	  get_real_cname method
      	* vala/valaproperty.vala: add get_upper_case_cname method
      	* vala/valastruct.vala: add has_private_fields attribute, add
      	  get_methods method
      	* vala/valatypecheck.vala
      	* vala/vala.h: update
      	* ccode/valaccodebreakstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodecasestatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodecontinuestatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodedeclaration.vala: renamed from
      	  CCodeDeclarationStatement, support function declarators
      	* ccode/valaccodedeclarator.vala: abstract base class for variable and
      	  function declarators
      	* ccode/valaccodefunctiondeclarator.vala: 
      	* ccode/valaccodestruct.vala: support function declarations by adding
      	  add_declaration method
      	* ccode/valaccodeswitchstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeunaryexpression.vala: add postfix increment and
      	  decrement operators
      	* ccode/valaccodevariabledeclarator.vala: inherit from CCodeDeclarator
      	* ccode/valaccodewhilestatement.vala
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=35
  6. 18 May, 2006 1 commit
  7. 16 May, 2006 1 commit
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      fix multi-line comments basic statement and expression handling support · 4389522e
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-16  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/scanner.l: fix multi-line comments
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: basic statement and expression handling
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: support variable declaration
      	* vala/valasymbolbuilder.vala: adapt to visitor changes
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: remove members already available in Struct
      	* vala/valacodenode.vala: add ccodenode field
      	* vala/valadeclarationstatement.vala: visit declaration
      	* vala/valaexpressionstatement.vala: visit code containers after child
      	* vala/valalocalvariabledeclaration.vala: add accept method
      	* vala/valamethod.vala: add begin and end visit events
      	* vala/valanamespace.vala: add lower_case_cprefix
      	* vala/valastruct.vala: define get_upper_case_cname method
      	* vala/valatype.vala: declare get_upper_case_cname method
      	* vala/valatypereference.vala: add get_upper_case_cname method
      	* vala/valavariabledeclarator.vala: add accept method
      	* ccode/valaccodewriter.vala: formatting fixes
      	* ccode/valaccodeassignment.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodebinaryexpression.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeblock.vala: use CCodeStatement
      	* ccode/valaccodeconstant.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodedeclarationstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeemptystatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeexpression.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeexpressionstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeforstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodefunction.vala: formatting fixes
      	* ccode/valaccodefunctioncall.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeidentifier.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodeifstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodereturnstatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodestatement.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodestruct.vala: formatting fixes
      	* ccode/valaccodevariabledeclarator.vala
      	* bindings/GLib.vala: extend string types
      	* valac/context.c: resolve types in named argument list in object
      	  creation expression
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=20
  8. 14 May, 2006 1 commit
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      support OPEN_CAST_PARENS, IS, WHILE support structs, enums, and fields, · 78d5467a
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-14  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/scanner.l: support OPEN_CAST_PARENS, IS, WHILE
      	* vala/parser.y: support structs, enums, and fields, cast, postfix,
      	  while, ref types, and generic type parameters; fix comments
      	* vala/valacodecontext.vala: add root symbol
      	* vala/valasourcefile.vala: add using directives, c filenames
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: add begin and end visits for some container
      	  types, add struct, enum, field, type parameter, namespace reference,
      	  and type reference visits
      	* vala/valaparser.vala: adapt to visitor changes
      	* vala/valasymbolbiulder.vala: visitor to fill symbol table
      	* vala/valasymbolresolver.vala: visitor to resolve symbol references
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: add beginning of code generation
      	* vala/valacodenode.vala: add symbol reference
      	* vala/valacastexpression.vala
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: derive from struct
      	* vala/valaenum.vala
      	* vala/valaexpression.vala: add static_type, field_reference, and
      	  method_reference fields
      	* vala/valafield.vala
      	* vala/valamemberaccess.vala
      	* vala/valanamespace.vala: add structs, enums, and fields
      	* vala/valanamespacereference.vala
      	* vala/valapostfixexpression.vala
      	* vala/valasourcereference.vala: adapt to comment changes
      	* vala/valastringliteral.vala: add eval method
      	* vala/valastruct.vala
      	* vala/valasymbol.vala
      	* vala/valatype.vala
      	* vala/valatypeparameter.vala: 
      	* vala/valatypereference.vala: add type, type_parameter, is_ref, and
      	  is_out fields, add get_cname method
      	* vala/valavariabledeclarator.vala: add name and initializer fields
      	* vala/valawhilestatement.vala: 
      	* vala/vala.h: update
      	* compiler/valacompiler.vala: run SymbolBuilder and SymbolResolver
      	* ccode/valaccodewriter.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodecomment.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodefragment.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodenode.vala
      	* ccode/valaccodestruct.vala
      	* bindings/GLib.vala: add/extend ustring, Path, Object, File, HashTable
      	* valac/scanner.l: support OPEN_CAST_PARENS, OP_AND, OP_OR, IS, WHILE
      	* valac/parser.y: support cast, while, include_filename ccode attribute,
      	  AND and OR expressions, IS type checks, unary minus
      	* valac/context.h: add while statements, cast and IS expressions, and
      	  AND and OR operators
      	* valac/context.c: support cast, IS, while; fix if
      	* valac/generator.c: support cast, IS, pointer arithmetic, namespace
      	  methods, imported include files
      	* valac/driver.c: add symbol alias
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=15
  9. 06 May, 2006 1 commit
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      vala/valacodecontext.vala vala/valasourcefile.vala filename, line, and · e4904cce
      Jürg Billeter authored
      2006-05-06  Jürg Billeter  <j@bitron.ch>
      	* vala/valacodecontext.vala
      	* vala/valasourcefile.vala
      	* vala/valasourcereference.vala: filename, line, and comment container
      	* vala/valacodenode.vala: abstract code node
      	* vala/valanamespace.vala: namespace node
      	* vala/valaclass.vala: class node
      	* vala/valacodevisitor.vala: abstract syntax tree visitor
      	* vala/valaparser.vala: vala parser
      	* vala/valacodegenerator.vala: code generator skeleton
      	* compiler/valacompiler.vala: compiler driver
      	* bindings/GLib.vala: add bindings for GList and GOptionContext
      	* valac/scanner.l: support multi-line comments, ABSTRACT, INTERFACE,
      	* valac/parser.y: replace AT by HASH, support readonly fields
      	* valac/context.h: small fixes
      	* valac/context.c: small fixes
      	* valac/generator.c: fix override methods, basic support for properties
      svn path=/trunk/; revision=13