Commit f30503f7 authored by Evan Nemerson's avatar Evan Nemerson

girwriter: fix *Private type name for nested classes

Fixes bug 641559.
parent 1c112fca
......@@ -340,7 +340,7 @@ public class Vala.GIRWriter : CodeVisitor {
buffer.append_printf ("<field name=\"priv\">\n");
write_indent ();
buffer.append_printf ("<type name=\"%sPrivate\" c:type=\"%sPrivate*\"/>\n",, CCodeBaseModule.get_ccode_name (cl));
buffer.append_printf ("<type name=\"%sPrivate\" c:type=\"%sPrivate*\"/>\n", get_gir_name (cl), CCodeBaseModule.get_ccode_name (cl));
write_indent ();
......@@ -423,7 +423,7 @@ public class Vala.GIRWriter : CodeVisitor {
buffer.append_printf ("</record>\n");
write_indent ();
buffer.append_printf ("<record name=\"%sPrivate\" c:type=\"%sPrivate\" disguised=\"1\"/>\n",, CCodeBaseModule.get_ccode_name (cl));
buffer.append_printf ("<record name=\"%sPrivate\" c:type=\"%sPrivate\" disguised=\"1\"/>\n", get_gir_name (cl), CCodeBaseModule.get_ccode_name (cl));
} else {
write_indent ();
buffer.append_printf ("<record name=\"%s\"", get_gir_name (cl));
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